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Whole School Curriculum

St George’s Cathedral Primary School is distinctively Catholic hence our school mission statement and motto ‘To Live and Learn Together Through Our Faith in Jesus Christ’ shape and inspire our curriculum vision.


The purpose of our curriculum design is:

To motivate and engage all pupils to acquire knowledge and skills and to grow a lifelong love of learning.

We also believe deeply in the importance of nurturing the whole child so that they are resilient, independent imaginative thinkers, and confident successful learners.

We aim to adapt our curriculum to meet the needs of all pupils, regardless of their starting point and thus work to empower them with excellent results. 

Through every curriculum subject we wish to provide the necessary skills to enable pupils to be transformative both within St George’s and within their own external communities and beyond. Our offer is therefore underpinned by principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

We are human beings in a world of IT, so we wish to prepare our pupils for the future in every way so that they are creators of technology and can develop a range of transferrable skills.

We make the most of being in central London, with children experiencing a wide range of enrichment opportunities including visiting museums and theatres.


Our curriculum implementation involves integrating topics across subjects so that the children can make meaningful links that deepen their ability to understand, question and reflect on the world. In addition, we have broken down the programmes of study into a series of skills and knowledge while our long-term curriculum plans show how we intend to cover the fundamental concepts of each national curriculum subject.  A knowledge rich and broad curriculum therefore ensures progression and enables all pupils to make connections across subjects. Each subject has a ‘Subject Lead’ who has an overview of planning for that area of learning across St George’s. 


Our Gospel values reinforce British values, while we celebrate the cultural capital that our children bring to learning and build on this to broaden their understanding of the world. Diversity is continually celebrated for example through our ‘Class Continent Focus,’ the rationale of which is to teach children about the whole world in a larger and deeper context. Through children’s understanding of the Continents, as well as the countries, cultures and faiths that lie within them, pupils are taken to many unseen places and through dialogue have hearts opened to the world.


Language is key to communication therefore every aspect of St George’s curriculum is supported by a range of texts, vital in the school’s promotion of a rich language environment. Books are selected to reflect equality, alongside spiritual, moral, social and cultural needs. Thematic and subject displays across the Key Stages, are designed to promote a wider variety of vocabulary and subject specific language.


Our commitment to providing equality of opportunity ensures that rich experiences are embedded throughout the Curriculum. This includes enrichment opportunities and special days or weeks, where the school foci is on specific aspects of learning or subject areas, for example World Book Day, Science Investigation Days, Local Area Week, International week. 

Whole School Curriculum Map

If you would like more information about the curriculum please see your child's class teacher.