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At St George’s, we teach French as our chosen MFL language. We develop the children’s speaking, listening and writing skills and build a knowledge about life in France. We develop the children’s French vocabulary and how to use the words as building blocks to form sentences linking to the children’s own everyday lives.



  • To deliver inspiring lessons that develop children’s written and spoken language. 
  • To promote a passion for learning about language and culture. 
  • To celebrate how our different cultures come together as a diverse community.



MFL is taught following the Rigolo Scheme, by the class teacher supported by a virtual teacher who is a native French speaker in order to aid correct pronunciation. We will build the children’s written and spoken French, developing an understanding of grammar to help with proficient communication. The scheme provides access to a wide variety of resources including songs, stories and games as mnemonics. There are overarching half-termly topics, and during KS2, the children will cover a range of topics such as greetings, animals, family, food, the time, places, celebrations and hobbies, reviewing and revisiting throughout each year to support language acquisition. 



The impact of MFL is monitored throughout the year by SLT and the subject leader through looking at children’s work across Key Stage 2 to ensure the Scheme is being followed and skills developed.