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Orchestra Unwrapped with the Philharmonia Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall

We are delighted to have our members of our choir singing at the cathedral for the Episcopal Ordination of Bishop Philip Moger.

CAFOD - Catholic Social Teaching Workshop

St. George's Cathedral Carol Service

Ice-skating at Greenwich - A reward for positive attitude to school life, excellent attendance, and fantastic behaviour in class.

Our School Choir - Christmas at Borough Market

Our School Choir - The Old Vic Theatre

Openage is a charity that enables anyone aged 50 or older to sustain their physical and mental fitness, maintain an active lifestyle and develop new and stimulating interests.

12 Choirs of Christmas supports mental health and wellbeing by partnering community groups for people aged 50+ with primary schools across London to create 12 intergenerational choirs and performances that are sure to warm the heart.

Mini Marathon - 2.6 miles = 7 laps of the perimeter of the school

Welcome Mass for the new academic term

The month of May is dedicated to Our Lady, Mary. To mark this, our Spiritual Life Committee led our annual May Procession where we crowned a statue of Our Lady with a garland of flowers. It was a reverent and moving act of worship. Thank you, as always, to Fr. Dermott for leading the Rosary and to the parents and pupils for the beautiful flowers.

MP visit to St. George's

Neil Coyle our local MP came to visit us this week to have a Q&A session with the children, focusing on the environment which links to our RE topic at school.

Feast of St. Oscar Romero Mass

Celebrating the Feast Day Mass of St. Oscar Romero at St. George's Cathedral with 16 other schools and receiving our Participator Level of The Oscar Romero Award. This award recognises the school’s commitment to Catholic Social Teaching.



Our Year's 3,4,5 & 6 classes  along with the Choirs of St. George's Cathedral, put on a very moving re-enactment of the journey of Jesus to Calvery Hill.




Whole School Science Investigation - Chromatography

Children's Crib Service at St. George's Cathedral

St. George's Cathedral Carol Service

Garden Renovation


As you know we started a major refurbishment of the school garden.

We removed trees, bushes, rotten planters, and the gazebo, dug up the broken pavers, and even found a small garden shed that was hidden from sight because the surrounding shrubbery was so overgrown.


The ground was then dug up and leveled with 2 layers of crushed recycled concrete. 

In September we had the trim trail and safety surfacing installed and in October we secured further funding to finish off the muddy surround so that the area could be fully used by the children.

There was a lot more work with huge lorry loads of concrete arriving on-site and eventually, the area was ready for the laying of artificial grass.