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Art & DT

At St George’s we teach Art through a range of skills such as: sketching, painting, using a wide range of materials and creating 3D sculptures.  We try to make links between the skills and knowledge they develop in Art and those that they may acquire in other subjects.   Furthermore, Design Technology is taught through a variety of skills such as: researching, planning, creating, assessing and evaluating the purpose of what the children have created. We try to make as many cross-curricular links as possible. We use a scheme called 'Kapow Primary' to ensure that our knowledge and skills are taught sequentially and cover all the National Curriculum requirements.



  • To deliver creative skills and programmes of study as described in the National Curriculum.
  • To inspire pupils and develop their confidence to experiment and create their own works of Art.
  • Nurture pupils skills, interests and understanding of the world and give them the opportunity to learn about different artists across a range of cultures.



Art is taught in a block week 'Art Week' allowing children to practice skills linked to a certain topic e.g. drawing over 5 days in order to create a piece of Art themselves.  Design Technology is taught one lesson per week over a 4 week period linked to a certain Topic e.g. electronic games, in order to allow enough time for designing, creating and evaluating.  



The impact of both Art and Design Technology is monitored throughout the year by SLT and the subject leader through looking at children’s work within a class and across the school to ensure there is progress and children are developing a range of skills. At the beginning of each half term, the subject leader and a member of SLT will check that the planning is engaging for the children, differentiated to support the needs of all children and that it will progress their learning.



The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum supports children’s understanding of Art and Design Technology through the planning and teaching of ‘Expressive Art and Design’. A range of child and adult led activities are planned for to encourage children to explore different aspects of the arts linked to our theme. Children have access to a junk modelling area which they explore freely to plan, make, and evaluate the models that they make.  Children are encouraged to be imaginative through play by taking on the role of characters and using story language in our role play and small world areas.