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Year 6 - St. Martin

WELCOME TO YEAR 6 - St Martin's class!



We made planned, designed and made Maths games for the younger pupils. Thank you Alyza for sending yours in from home.

Year 6 made some amazing air raid shelters in school as part of our topic work on WWII, thank you to Justine, Alyza and Sophia who made one from home and sent us a picture!

19.06-20- Year 6 have created some lovely Play scripts based on Romeo & Juliet!

wc 15.06.20- Home learning. A fantastic amount of effort in the playscripts submitted from home based on our work on Romeo and Juliet- I am really impressed! Also a mention to Alyza for her powerful image on equality!

wc 08.06.20- It is great to see fantastic home learning still taking place- we miss you at school but I am very proud of all your efforts. Keep up the good work Year 6.

Home learning from wc 1 June- Well done all of you at home! Keep going!

4.06.20- Today our bubbles had very mature and well thought out discussions about events around the world and in our society. We thought about how these affect our lives and the people around us. We also thought about the most effective ways to get our voices heard.

Some lovely poems by Naomi, Gia & Avril.

21.05.20- Good work solving WW2 maths problems.

20.05.20- Some lovely examples of Science work- Recapping facts on Electricity.

19.05.20- Good use of inference in Guided Reading.

15.05.20- Some lovely RE work on witnesses and Art work on poppies today. Thank you Year 6.

14.05.20- History work on Evacuation.

13.05.20- Good work using scientific knowledge to answer a question.

12.05.20- Well done for working hard at the hub!

07.05.20- VE day work.

05.05.20-Calming techniques in PSHE.

04.05.20- Victor, Vernice, Avril, Alyza and DJ- Lovely presentation, translating and reflecting shapes in maths. Well done!

01.05.20- Some great Art, RE and English examples today. Well done.

29.04.20- Science- Research work on Michael Faraday.

28.04.20- Good work exploring the work of the Suffragettes in English.

27.04.20- Some great work on area and perimeter- well done year 6!

24.04.20-Silhouettes in Art.

23.04.20- Fantastic St George's day pictures!

22.04.2020 --- Science stars of the day! Alyza, Avril and Vernice! Well done!

21.04.2020 --- DJ- Great RE work and Fardat- A clear letter. Well done!

Some great Easter projects Year 6!

Rainbows to spread joy-

2.04.20- Lovely examples of poetry today! Well done!

1.04.20-Mystery stories based on an image.

30.03.20-Great Maths work on volume, well done!

26.03.20-Well done using scratch on your computer and Joshua for GR work.

25.03.20- Stars of the Day- Well done Avril and Vernice.

24.03.20- Stars of the day- Sheilanne and Victor!

Thank you to all of you for the effort you have put in today and thank you to the children that have emailled work back to me. I can't put all the pictures up but I am keeping a note of all the hard work I am seeing and awarding lots of house points. 

Today's stars of the day are: Dominique for a lovely RE image and Michael for great maths work. 


Well done Dominique and Michael

Choices and Consequences workshop- The Kinsella trust.

Today, St Martins class attended a workshop run by the Kinsella trust on choices and consequences linked to knife crime. 

We discussed the repercussions of carrying a knife, what could happen if you become caught up in knife crime and the story of Ben Kinsella whose life was taken by knife crime. 

We had some heartfelt discussions and were surprised at some of the information we found out. 

We learnt about joint enterprise and how to make decisions for ourselves and not to follow a crowd. 


It was a valuable workshop and we were very lucky to have the opportunity to hear the important messages which could save many lives and encourage many young people to make the right choices. 


Happy New Year! 

St Martin's class have come back in great spirits and have made a great start to the Spring term. 


We have lots of trips and workshops coming up this term which are linked to SEAL and transitions to secondary school. We will be attending a choices and consequences workshop based around the serious topic of knife crime. We will be going to the Year 6 Junior Citizenship event and will be having a road safety show at school provided by a local drama company. 


We will be having opportunities to do practice SATs papers over the term to monitor our progress. 


PE is on a Tuesday and Friday- please make sure the children have the correct PE kit. 


Please see our Curriculum Newsletter for further information about this term.