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Year 5 - St. Anthony


St Anthony's class




In Topic, we are learning about the Tudors this term. We had lots of fun making a Tudor rose and learning about how the houses of York and Lancaster joined together to form the Tudors.

In Guided Reading, we are studying 'The Listeners' by Walter de la Mare this half term. We really enjoyed reciting and performing the poem in groups to the whole class.

Easter Projects: Look at our amazing Easter Projects! Thank you to the children and their families for all their hard work

Whole School Science Investigation: We had lots of fun making bridges using spaghetti!

Whole School Science Experiment: We had lots of fun making ice cream as a class!

Remote Learning: Year 5 have created lovely posters to show their appreciation for the NHS!

Remote Learning: In RE, the children have learnt about the important role of the apostles. They considered how it might have felt to be chosen as an apostle, and what advice they would give the world today.

Remote Learning: We have been learning how to use the formal written method for addition and subtraction to solve missing digits and word problems.

Remote Learning: The children have written non-chronological reports based on the life of Harriet Tubman.

Remote Learning: The children have learnt how to read and write in Roman Numerals.

Remote Learning: The children identified famous rivers around the world.

Remote Learning: The children have learnt how to say different types of food in French.

Handwriter of the week!

Our children in school have created lovely pieces of artwork based on the Epiphany!

Remote Learning: In RE, we have been learning about the Jewish festival of Passover. We have learnt why Passover is celebrated, how it is celebrated through Seder and what is included on a Sedar plate. Furthermore, we have learnt about the importance of prayers and religious artefacts, such as the Shema and a Mezuzah, in Judaism.

Remote Learning: In Topic, we have been learning about key features of a river

Remote Learning: Great examples of Maths work based on place value

Remote Learning - Fantastic research based on the American Civil War for our English lesson.

Look at our amazing half term projects based on reading! Thank you to our pupils and their families for all their hard work.

In Maths, we have been learning about coordinates. We had lots of fun playing battleships!

As a class, we are preparing for Advent and the birth of Jesus by creating our own advent wreath. We have learnt about the important symbols in an advent wreath and what it represents.

In our Science lesson, we learnt about reversible and irreversible changes in materials. We conducted an experiment to see what irreversible and chemical changes would occur when we mixed milk, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda together. It created a new product, and was very smelly!

Look at our amazing half term projects based on our local area! Thank you to our pupils and their families for all their hard work.

We have had so much fun in our yoga sessions this term!

Our topic for the autumn term is Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. In Art, we learnt about Viking runes and by the end of the session we were able to write our own messages using it. We even played a game of Viking hangman!

Thank you to Fr. Dermot for visiting us this morning! We enjoyed listening to you sharing the Wednesday Word with us, and asking you questions about what it is like to be a priest.

In English, we will be studying King Kong by Anthony Browne this half term. At the beginning of our text, we discovered a crime scene outside our classroom! The children became detectives and began to question where the footprints came from, why they were there and who left them there.

In RE, our topic is Ourselves. We have been learning about how we are all special and important, as we are all children of God. In one of our lessons, we studied Genesis 1:26-31. We learnt that God created us all individually to take care of the world and each other. After, we created our own figurines and considered what qualities we would give to them.

In English, we have studied The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas. We learnt about our different emotions, why we might feel different things and how we can handle our emotions. The children have found this very useful for recognising and handling their own emotions, especially during this challenging time.

Welcome to St Anthony's class page.

Year 5 have made a fantastic start to the year, and we will update this page regularly to share their amazing work. 

Key information:

Homework - our homework will be sent home every Wednesday, and is due back to school the following Monday.

PE - our PE lessons are on Monday and Tuesday. Please ensure that your child has the appropriate PE kit.

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