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Year 3 - St. Edmund

WELCOME TO YEAR 3 - St Edmund's class!


Happy New Year and welcome back to school! 


It is good to be back and see the children so keen to learn. We have had a busy and productive start this Spring Term. The children have settled well into their routine.


We are all very excited to take our first trip this term on Friday to the Natural History Museum in South Kensington, where we will participate in the workshop Adventure to the Deep. This workshop will support our Science Topic of Light. Following our visit I will post pictures of the trip, so do visit the site again for the latest updates.


Hope everyone has a lovely week. See you in school. 


Best wishes,

Ms Khaleeli



Monday, 23rd March 2020


Well done St Edmund's for working so hard today. We had our first successful day of remote learning and you all did a wonderful job. Thank you to those who shared their independent work with me. I have selected a piece of work by Ronald to show online today. He was able to read and write the time on clocks in 5 minute intervals. He was also able to draw the the hands accurately to show the time. Well done!


 Maths 23.03.20

Tuesday, 24th March 2020


Pupils have worked really hard on our 2nd day of remote learning. Today, I will be showcasing two pupils work. 


Here is some of the fantastic work Dhelan has completed today:

Dhelan's Dream Jar is absolutely 'Dreamy'. Wonderful effort!


He has also reflected carefully on how to work together as a group. Well done!


This is Elisabeth's dream jar. It looks like it is full of the most delicious dreams.



Ellie Rose has worked hard today to complete all her remote learning to a very high standard. I have selected her English work to share. Hope you enjoy it!


In Science Ellie-Rose dissected a paper flower. 


Elisabeth's dissection of a flower! Well done!


Wednesday, 25th March 2020


It has been another productive day of learning. Thank you to all those children who have shared their learning with me.


Today, I have chosen Daniel's Q&A about Lent. Well done!



The second piece of learning I am sharing is by Jonathan, who has identified where in the Bible the given line of scripture is and his interpretation of it. Well done Jonathan!


Shahid has also worked hard today, I have chosen to show his neatly presented column addition. Well done!


Thursday, 26th March 2020


St Edmund's pupils have been working really hard on this 4th day of Remote Learning.

Here are examples of work by Ellie-Rose and a picture of her working very hard! Well done.


Daniel, I really liked all the images you have put together and the use of the twigs was very creative. 



Nevaeh thought really hard about what Lent means to her. Lovely visualisation as well.


Here are some really expressive pieces of art by Jonathan. Well done!

Well done Ethan, lovely images!



Friday, 27th March 2020


Here is some of the fantastic learning that has happened today in St Edmund's.


This first piece of work is by Sinai. Fantastic presentation Sinai.


Well done Ronald! Great Science work




Ellie Rose did a fantastic job with Science as well.


Daniel made a good effort drawing a fruit showing light and dark.




Monday, 30th March 2020


Today, I have chosen to share Ethan's topic work. Well done.




A good effort by Ronald, measuring using a ruler.


Very good Ellie-Rose!







Wow Nevaeh! You worked really hard in English today.




Excellent work in Maths and Science today Ethan!



Well done Israel! You were able to convert and compare measurements.


Wednesday, 1st April 2020


Well done Russel, you answered comprehension questions in RE!

Well done Daniel! You worked hard at Maths.


Thursday, 2nd April 2020


Well done Shahid! I have chosen to share your Math's today.