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Year 1 - St. Rose


St Rose Class




Year 1 have made a fantastic start to the school year. They have been working well as a class and have already produced some lovely work.


The Curriculum Newsletter contains all of the information about what the children will be learning this term.


Important Information


Please ensure that your child reads at least three times a week at home and that you sign their reading record each time.

Homework will continue to be set on a Wednesday and will be due in on the following Monday.

We had a wonderful time at the Science Museum. We had a workshop called Destination Space and we explored materials in the garden.

We had lots of fun riding and learning how to be safe on Balance Bikes this week.

Some lovely half term projects on Racial Justice.

Teddy Bear Hospital- We took our teddy bears to the teddy bear hospital and looked at all the different parts of our body and how we keep healthy. We had lots of fun.

Christmas holiday projects- Following the World Cup, we made our own designs of a world cup trophy.

17th November - Into Film Festival

Half term projects- Our local area.

Beebots - 9th September

In Computing we have been using Beebots. We have given them instructions and have discussed what will happen following an instruction.

Ordering Numbers - 14th September

We have been ordering numbers to at least 20. Do you know what number comes after 19?


Number Bonds - 20th September

We used Tens Frames to work out number bonds.


Fr. Dermott Visit - 29th September

Fr. Dermott visited our class to discuss the importance of prayer and communication. We considered different ways through which we communicate and we spoke about different types of prayer.

Using Numicon - 13th October

We used numicon to represent numbers to 20.

Mary Seacole Workshop - 17th October

Today, as part of our topic work, we had a visit from an actress, playing the role of Mary Seacole. Mary Seacole was a nurse that was born in Jamaica and helped the sick and wounded particularly during the Crimean War. We had the chance to ask her questions about her life. We will be going on to compare and contrast the lives of Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale.

Jesus Welcomes Children - 18th October

We looked at how Jesus always welcomes children and how we are welcomed into the church. We will be going on to re-enact a baptism, thinking about what happens at this special event.

Florence Nightingale Lamps - 18th October

Florence Nightingale was also known as ‘The Lady with the Lamp’. It was reported that at night she would walk among the beds, checking the wounded men while holding a lamp in her hands.