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Year 1 - St. Rose


St Rose Class




07.06.21 Please see below the children's wonderful efforts with their half term projects.

14.05.21 Year 1 enjoyed our visit to the local park where we observed signs of Spring and attempted to identify common plants.

13.05.21 Year 1 enjoyed a visit from Fr. Dermott who explained to them Ascension Day.

05.05.21 The children enjoyed taking part in Mathletics Day. They completed challenges against their classmates and children around the country.

Year 1 enjoyed planting seeds in the classroom and outside.

22.04.21 Josephine, Yoram, Raphael and Neviah's writing had been chosen to be displayed on our 'Work to be Proud of' display for their wonderful effort in their writing this week.

20.04.21 Year 1 Easter Projects - The children of St. Rose class enjoyed sharing their Easter projects with the class

19.03.21. Year 1 took part in a science experiment to find the best material to make an umbrella. The children enjoyed conducting the experiment and discussing the results together.

18.03.21 - Role Play. The children enjoyed role playing the story The Wizard of Oz. St. Rose class enjoyed watching and taking part in the performances and enjoyed working as part of a team.

08.03.21 First Day Back - Year 1 returned to class ready to learn!. We also received a visit from Fr Louis who talked to us about Our Lady and Lent.

World Book Day 04.03.21 Year 1 both at home and at school joined in with a range of activities including creating a puppet show, reading for pleasure, listening to stories and taking part in a home/school storytelling quiz. The children dressed as their favourite book characters and explored becoming illustrators.

26.02.21 Lent - This week St. Rose class thought about what treats we could give up and how we could help people during Lent. Here are some of their responses.

Year 1 Stories: Please view the wonderful stories created by our Year 1 children over the half term holidays. Below are stories from Neviah, Alice, Iara, Chloe and John

03.02.21 Please see the wonderful home learning efforts today from Alice, Mohamed, Emmanuel, Iara, Joshua, Ronny and Joy.

Tidy by Emily Gravett retold by Year 1 St. Rose Class

The children were given a passage from the book to recite and perform. Here are the efforts from the children at home and at school.

22.02.21 The children created their own stories based on the book Beegu

20.01.21 Creating Story Maps - The children both at home and at school created a plan of their new stories based on the book Beegu. The children in school were able to retell their stories orally

18.01.21 Today the children were asked to create a new alien character and name their alien using a nonsense word. Please see the wonderful efforts from the children in class and at home.

Take a look at the wonderful efforts of home learning from the children of St. Rose class this week.

These are the wonder efforts of home learning for today and last week from the following children - Joshua, Daniel, Yoram, Iara, Maya, Chloe, John, Liam, Mohamed, Josephine, Alice, Ronny and Joy

Holiday Projects - Please see the wonderful efforts during the holidays to complete their projects from Iara and John Randy.

Home Learning - Please see the wonderful efforts over the past two days from Alice, Iara, Mohamed, Chloe, Joy, Liam and Leo 07.01.21

Home Learning - Alice, Joy and Mohamed have been working hard continuing their learning at home. 05.01.21

Winter Dance

Final piece from 6 week dance sessions in PE

Design Technology 14th December 2020

St. Rose class created their own model of a park. This lesson the children were painting their creations.

13.11.20 Well done to the members of St. Rose class who achieved bronze certificates in Mathletics over the last few weeks.

Half term projects - Amazing work from St. Rose Class. Wonderful effort from children and parents creating projects based on our local area.

A visit from Fr. Dermott 4.11.20


Year 1 enjoyed a visit from Fr Dermott who discussed with them the sacrament of Baptism. The children were invited to ask questions and Fr. Dermott showed the children through role play what happens in a baptism.

Belonging - Baptism

Year 1 have settled into their learning very well. Here is St. Rose class learning about ordinal numbers in Maths
Science - Senses. Year 1 enjoyed using different body parts to explore their senses, sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.

Science 9.10.20 Senses

08.10.20 Yoga - Year 1 were excited to take part in a yoga session

Maths - Ordinal Numbers 02.10.20