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Year 1 - St. Rose


St Rose Class




13.11.20 Well done to the members of St. Rose class who achieved bronze certificates in Mathletics over the last few weeks.

Half term projects - Amazing work from St. Rose Class. Wonderful effort from children and parents creating projects based on our local area.

A visit from Fr. Dermott 4.11.20


Year 1 enjoyed a visit from Fr Dermott who discussed with them the sacrament of Baptism. The children were invited to ask questions and Fr. Dermott showed the children through role play what happens in a baptism.

Belonging - Baptism

Year 1 have settled into their learning very well. Here is St. Rose class learning about ordinal numbers in Maths
Science - Senses. Year 1 enjoyed using different body parts to explore their senses, sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.

Science 9.10.20 Senses

08.10.20 Yoga - Year 1 were excited to take part in a yoga session

Maths - Ordinal Numbers 02.10.20