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Stars of the week

Friday 10th July


Stars of the week


Friday 10th  July 2020







Abigail - for working really hard over two weeks to make a big model out of shapes. Abigail kept trying even when it broke until she completed it.


Maria - for showing outstanding kindness to her peers and being considerate of others feelings.



John - for settling back to school really well this week and showing kindness to others.

Iara - for making fantastic models using the blocks and animals.


Year 1

Mark Daniel – for creating a very informative leaflet in English.


Chizaram – for a lovely piece of art work using stippling effect.

Year 2

Jaume – for his amazing use of place value in calculations.


Yasmin – for her brilliant description in writing.

Year 3

Mateo - for working so hard this week back at school.

Udo - for his effort in Mathematics this week.


Year 4

Daniel - for following the new school rules and for working hard this week.

Kaia - for working hard in English and developing her editing skills.


Year 5 A

Anny - for her excellent work in maths this week.



Samuela - for returning to school with a positive attitude, and for working extremely hard this week.

Year 5 N

Chryssa - for her amazing Shakespearean letter. 


Victory - for leading an art session and teaching her peers a new painting technique.


Year 6

Jesse - for settling back into class and working hard.


Adriel - for being a kind and thoughtful friend to all his classmates every week.


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