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Reception - St. Paul



You are still working extremely hard at home and I am so happy to see what you have been doing. Missing you all lots!!

We have been working hard in phonics this week reading and writing phase 4 words and sentence. We have been telling the time in Maths and had lots of creative fun!!!

This week we have been learning about forgivness in Re and learning about complex patterns in Maths

Home learning week 3. This week we have been subtracting a number from another, making dens to get cosy in and read our favourite books, practising what we have learnt in phonics and learning that Jesus says 'love one another as I have loved you'. I really like the variety of different ways you have made your love hearts to remind us all to love one another. Missing you all lots and thank you for sending me your amazing work.

'The colour monster' story book. We have been discussing our emotions and thinking about what makes us feel this way. We are busy filling our empty jars with our emotions. Here is what we have done so far.

We have been mixing colours to create our paintings using our own ideas.

Learning from home- Week beginning 1.6.20

2.6.20: The children have been very busy at school today. As well as having lots of fun playing outside we started our new RE topic about 'friends'. We thought about our friends at school and at home. We discussed the question 'What makes a good friend?'

1.6.20 What a lovely first day back to school. We read 'The colour monster' book and then created our own colour monsters to put on display. We spoke about different feelings the monster might have.

Weekly fun activity- colour search.. Red and yellow and pink and green orange and purple and blue. I can sing a rainbow...

Weekly creative activity... Creating a potato character

21.5.20 Here are some examples of work from today. Well done everyone

20.5.20. What lovely work St Pauls class.

19.5.20..Lovely work today everyone, missing you all lots!

18.5.20... Amazing work today everyone! Challenge of finding red objects around the house, thinking about what numbers come next and practising the /ow/ phoneme I still need to add some more photos here...

15.5.20... As we come to the end of our RE topic we reflect on good news, we made prayer to thank God for 'Good news', and continued to measure the capacity of different containers. Well done everybody, you have worked extremely hard this week. Have a lovely weekend spending time with your families.

14.5.20 Learning about capacity in maths and reading in Phonics. A task also set to make a windmill to remind us that Jesus kept his promise to always be with us.

13.5.20. Thinking about what we do in the evening, and reading our favourite book. Well done everyone you have worked very hard today.

12.5.20... Drawing pictures of what we do in the afternoon for Maths. Creating our own stories using different objects from around our homes and writing labels for pictures in phonics

11.5.20 After a nice long bank holiday weekend, here are some examples of work completed today. Potato characters, learning about time and reading books at home.

7.5.20 Learning about Pentecost day

6.5.20. WOW Reception, I have really enjoyed looking at your work today! Thinking about how we celebrate Jesus' love in RE and drawing a picture of a caption we read in phonics.

5.5.20... Here are some examples of todays work, you have done an amazing job at exploring money. Well done!

4.5.2020 - This week we are learning about money in maths and Jack and the beanstalk in English. Look at the amazing beanstalks you created... I wonder if they are going to grow overnight?

30.4.20. Measuring the length of objects using non standard measurments, artworks of flowers and posters to tell people what plants need to grow well.You are so creative Reception!

29.4.20... You are working so hard at home Reception class. It is so nice for me to see what you have been doing.

28.4.20. Lovely examples of work today.

27.4.20. Today we made up our own stories using different objects and asked someone to write it down for us. We compared the size of our hands to our family members to see who has bigger or smaller hands.

23.4.20: Today we started our new topic 'Good News' in RE. We thought about what good news we may have received. We made 2D shape patterns in Maths and focused on tricky words in phonics. Here are some examples of our work...

22.4.20: Look at some of the work children have completed today. Talking about the properties of 2D shapes in maths and reading words in phonics,

21.4.20 --- Today we have been looking at 2D shapes and then creating shape pictures. We have started Phase 4 in phonics where we are reading and writing more complex words. We are predicting what our new book will be about. Look at all of the lovely work achieved today by the children at home! Well done!

20.4.20...It is the first day back after our Easter break but you have still been working extremely hard St Paul's class. Well done, here are some examples of work that I have received.

Tuesday learning. Re lesson, what a wonderful world, maths- subtraction to 10 and phonics focus on the /er/ and /oo/ phoneme. Well done everybody for your hard work.

Week 2: Monday samples of work. You have worked really hard today St Paul class, well done!

Friday work:

It has been so lovely hearing from you and seeing what you have been doing at home this week.

I hope you all have a nice and well deserved weekend.

Here is some of your work from today. What a good job you are all doing!


In Re we are thinking about how we grow in love.

Thursday 26th March.I am missing you all lots St Paul Class but I am amazed by the work you are doing at home. Seeing your home learning makes me smile everyday. Keep up the good work! Here are some samples of work from today.Writing sentences with tricky words, making up our own helicopter stories, missing number sequences to practise counting, looking at how our seeds have grown over time.

Wow! So much amazing work completed today. You are working so hard from home and it is a pleasure to see the progress you are making. Keep it up! Miss Holloway

Although we are at home we are still continuing to learn. It has been amazing to hear from lots of you today and see videos and pictures of your learning at home. You have worked so hard today! Well done. Here is a selection of work that I have recieved today. I am unable to put every picture up however I have a note of all of your hard work and will be giving house points. Keep up the good work everyone. I will speak to you all tomorrow. Miss Holloway

Happy new year and welcome back to school!

We have lots of exciting activities planned for Spring 1. We will be focusing on the topic 'People who help us'. We will be thinking about how people help us and what jobs they do. We will be focusing our learning around books linked to this topic


Thank you to all the parents that attended our first crescent literacy workshop of 2020. I enjoyed seeing all the lovely activities you did with your children. This was a really valuable and enjoyable time.


Thank you for your continued support


Miss Holloway

Thank you for all of your amazing Christmas projects. Look how creative the children and parents in Reception are!

Crescent Literacy 13.02.20

Crescent literacy workshop: Out of this world!


What a lovely morning we had on a rainy Thursday with our parents. We read our new book together 'The way back home' and then created some amazing pieces of work based around the story.


Thank you to all the parents for coming to the workshop! It was amazing to see so many of you there!