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Reception - St. Paul


 St Paul's class


Welcome to our Reception Class page. This will be updated regularly with pictures of the activities the children participate in while in Reception to help their development.


In Reception class we have daily carpet sessions for Phonics, English, Maths and Religious Education. We know the importance of becoming an independent learner therefore we have activities both in our inside and our outside classrooms to extend our learning and apply new skills independently. More information about our learning can be found in the Curriculum newsletter.


You have all made a fantastic start to the year and I look forward to seeing you grow and develop in your learning throughout the academic year. I have enjoyed seeing you make new friendships and telling me about your own interests.


Reminders: Children will receive homework every Wednesday. This needs to be returned on Monday morning.

Reading books and library books will be changed once a week on your child's reading day. Please sign your child's reading record after reading with them.


Miss Holloway

28.4.22: Our trip to the Science Museum. What a wonderful day we have had today at the Science museum. We took part in two workshops, 'The pattern pod' and 'The garden'. We enjoyed observing the different planets and listening to facts about them. Thank you to all of the parents that joined us today.

A trip to the farm: This term we have been focusing our learning around growing. We Have explored books to develop our knowledge of growth and explored this theme in our provision. The children wanted our class puppet to join us to see the animals. We visited the farm where we saw lots of animals and even fed them. All of the children had a great time and showed excellent behaviour. Well done!!!

Spring 2: This term we have been focusing our learning around the theme 'What a wonderful world'. In our English sessions we have been reading the story 'The enormous turnip'. We have been learning about where fruits and vegetables grow and what seeds need to grow well. In our small world are we have been building stories around a farm scene and discussing our knowledge and understanding of growth. In our roleplay area we have a flower shop where we have been developing narratives and taking on the role of a shop keeper and a customer.

To finish our theme 'Not all superheroes wear capes' we are focusing our learning around the story 'Supertato'. Today we have been making our own Supertatos using different materials.

Christmas homework projects based around 'The Snowman' story. Well done everyone, you worked so hard!

Anti-bullying week. We started our anti-bullyig week by wearing odd socks. Today we spoke about the word 'kind' and what it means. We thought about ways that we show kindness to others.

Go green day 2021

Autumn 2: Theme- 'In the deep dark woods'. We have started our new theme by focusing our learning around the story 'The gruffalo'. We have been describing the setting and the characters that we meet. We have been busy in our provision exploring the changes we can see in Autumn to help us understand the world around us. We know that God made the world and we need to help look after it.

RE: Our topic this term has been focusing on 'Welcome'. We have discussed how we welcome a baby into a family and also how to welcome a baby through baptism. At St George's Cathedral, Father Francis demonstrated how a baptism takes place and explained to us why a baptism was so special. We enjoyed seeing the font which holds the holy water and the candle used to light the candles for the parents and godparents.

Autumn 2: Week 1- This week is 'Local area week'. We have been discussing our local area and making links to where we live. We went on a visit to St George's Cathedral. Father Francis showed us around. We really enjoyed seeing different parts of the Cathedral

HALF TERM PROJECTS: Our project was based around our school mission statement 'To live and learn through the love of Jesus Christ'. Well done for all of your hard work in creating these inspiring projects.

Building diversity: In Early years we are focusing our learning around the continent Antarctica. We located Antarctica on a globe and know that is is very far away from London. We discussed the weather and went on a virtual tour of Antarctica where we discovered lots of ice and penguins. In groups we made ice using the freezer and explored the changes the next day.

Teddy bear hospital workshop- We had a visit from the teddy bear hospital, which taught us how to be healthy. We identified which food is healthy to eat and which food we should have as a treat. We identified different parts of the body and practised putting bandages onto our teddies. We discussed why it is important to brush our teeth twice and day. We practised brushing a giant set of teeth.

Multi Faith week- Last week we focused our learning around Judaism. We read the story of Hanukka and the importance of a menorah candle. We know that there are 8 candles to symbolise the amount of days the candle stayed alight in the temple. We used different collage materials to create our own Menorah candles.

Developing our fine and gross motor skills- In early years we have a finger gym table which we use to develop the strength of our fingers. Before we begin to write it is important that we gain confidence in using different tools. Doing activities at home such as using playdough, threading beads onto string or pipe cleaners, using tweezers to pick up objects will help to develop fine motor skills which are imprtant prewriting activities to try.

Teddy's birthday: We have been focusing our learning around teddy's birthday. We enjoyed wrapping presents, writing invitations to our teddy's to invite them to school, and making food using playdough.

All of the children in Reception Class have settled in really well into school. It has been wonderful getting to know you all and watching you make new friends.