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Reception - St. Paul


 St Paul's class


Welcome to our Reception Class page. This will be updated regularly with pictures of the  activities the children participate in while in Reception to help their development.


In Reception class we have daily carpet sessions for Phonics, English, Maths and Religious Education. We know the importance of becoming an independent learner therefore we have activities both in our inside and our outside classrooms to extend our learning and apply new skills independently.


You have all made a fantastic start to the year and I look forward to seeing you grow and develop in your learning throughout the academic year. I have enjoyed seeing you make new friendships and telling me about your own interests.


Miss Holloway

Look at the amazing projects completed over half term. Well done everyone!

The Rosary- Today we went into the playground to spend some time thinking about Mary and how important she is. We know that Mary is Jesus' mother. We reflected about our Mothers and the things they do for us.

Science investigation. Today we took part in the whole school investingation focusing on dissolving. We enjoyed watching the reaction between different substances and what happens when water is added.

We have been focusing our learning around the story 'The enormous turnip. We have been developing our understanding of growing by planting seeds, and talking about how plants grow well. We have been enjoying our learning in our inside and outside classroom.

Exploring capacity. We have been exploring capacity. We used the Maths vocabulary full, half full, empty, nearl full and nearly empty. We also learnt how to measure capacity by counting how many cups of water each container holds.

'Love one another as I have loved you' John 13:34

Our RE topic has been focuisng on 'Gathering'. We learnt that Jesus welcomed the children. He was kind and gentle and wants us to love one another. We can feel the love from Jesus in our hearts and discussed how we know he is there. We spoke about the trees, the clouds, the rain, the animals and all of the wonderful things that God created. In our RE lesson today we made rainbow to represent Jesus' love for everyone.

12.2.21- Well being day. Today we did lots of activities to allow us to express ourselves. We dressed up in clothes that made us feel good and to express our likes and interests.

Snow play

The magic paintbrush: We read the story the magic paintbrush and discovered that Shen used her paintbrush to paint a dragon to scare the Emperor away. We thought about what monster we would paint with the magic paintbrush

Re- this week we started a new topic called 'Gathering'. We thought about what the word gathering means and know it means being with others. In our first Re session we thought about what we like to do with our friends.

Maths- Doubling and halving

This week we have been searching for different colours around our house to make a class rainbow... Red and yellow and pink and gree, orange and purple and blue. I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow to.

We have come to the end of our RE topic 'Celebrations' we have been reflecting on what we have learnt throughout our topic.

Week 5: Subtraction- In Maths this week we are focusing our learning around subtraction

Week 5: Monday- This week we started to focus our learning around the story 'The magic paintbrush' by Julia Donaldson. In our lesson today we met a girl called Shen who was given a magic paintbrush. The man told her 'never to paint for wealthy folk but only for the poor'. We thought about what Shen could paint to help others in need. Here are some of our ideas...

Today we thought about lots of jobs in our community and how they help us. Today we thought about saying thank you and different way that we could do this. Here are our ideas...

Tricky words- On Thursday we focus our learning on tricky words in our Phonics session. We are focusing on saying the tricky words in a sentence and recognising it when we see it in a book. Here are some of our sentences...

Maths- Number bonds to 10. In Maths today we focused our learning around making the number 10 in different ways. Miss Holloway showed us how to make 10 using cubes and then our challenge was to find some more ways of making 10. Here are our ideas...

Maths adding- We have been focusing our learning in Maths around adding. We have been learning about number bonds. We have been exploring ways to make the number 5 and the number 10.

Wednesday- Today we focused our learning around the job of a fire fighter and how they help us in our community. We know that fire fighter's are very brave. We used paint to represent our knowledge of fire fighters. Thank you to all of the fire fighters working hard to keep us safe.

Tuesday- In our English sesison we discussed the job of a paramedic and how they help us. We listened to the sound of the siren on an ambulance and we know that this means that there is an emergency. We created pictures of an ambulance and added them to our class display. Thank you to all of the paramedics working hard to take care of people and keeping us all safe and heathy.

Week 4- This week in our English sessions we are learning about how people help us in our community. On Monday we thought about what job we would like to do when we are older.

Math: This week in school, children have been focusing on 2D and 3D shapes. We have been learning about 2D shapes properties and started to get familiar with 3D shapes.

English: This week in school, children have enjoyed reading the story 'Supertato'. They have thought about their superhero name, written about how to trap the Evil Pea and role-played their own superhero story. As creative activities, children have created superhero headbands and their own Supertato.

This week in phoicks we have been focusing our learning around the ee, ai and ng phoneme. We have been working hard to write the words into words and practising our letter formation.

In RE we have started a new topic called 'Celebrations'. We have been reflecting on the celebrations that we have had in our life and other celebrations. We have started to learn about the Parish family and how and when they gather together.

In Maths we have been learning about 2d and 3d shapes. We have been looking at the properties of 2D shapes and finding 3D shaped objects around us.

In our English sessions this week we have been focusing our learning around the story 'Supertato'. Look at this amazing work the children have been doing...

8.1.21: It has made me so happy to see all of the lovely work you have been doing at home. You are working just as hard at home with our learning as I know you would in school. Keep it up! I hope to see lots more next week. Enjoy the weekend.

Week 1: This week we have started to focus on our new topic 'Not all super heroes wear capes'. We have been reading the story 'Superkid' and started to talk about why our parents are 'Super parents'. The children created paintings to show why their parent are super. We have been busy making models using the junk modelling and using the different areas in our classroom. We have enjoyed using our new climbing frame and developing our confidence and climbing skills.

Happy new year everyone. I hope you had a lovely Christmas break with your loved ones. We are missing you lots at school if you are working remotely from home but it has been lovely seeing what you have been learning and how hard you are working with the lessons being sent home. I have been showing the children in school and they have been so happy to see pictures of their friends. Thank you for sending pictures in.

'Festive Friday'- we dressed up in christmas costumes to help raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital and sang Christmas songs to help us get into a festive mood.

Multi Faith week- Hinduism. We learned about Diwali and know that it is a festival of light. We made our own Diya lamps using clay.

Our half term homework projects focusing on our local area. Look how creative you all are!!

Maths: This week in Maths we are learning about combining two groups of objects to find a total. This will then support us with addition. We counted the amount of passengers on the bus, added more and then counted the total amount of passengers on the bus to find the total. You could practise this when you go shopping e.g. I have 4 apples in the basket, I am going to add two more, how many will there be altogether?

Our funky finger gym... We have been working hard in our finger gym to develop the strength of our fingers. This will then help us with our writing development. We explore a range of different activities such as threading, picking up objects using tweezers, using pipettes and placing objects onto lines. Here are some examples of the activities we complete.

Yoga- On Thursday we had a yoga session where we learnt lots of different yoga positions. You did such as good job at learning the poses and doing them independently Reception, Well done! We are looking forward to our session next week.

Our Maths focus this week has been to make repeating colour patterns. We discussed how to make patterns in our carpet session and then had activities in our provision to allow us to apply our knowldege independenlty to make our own patterns.

Our first few weeks in St. Paul's. We have been busy settling into our new classroom and making new friends. These are some pictures of our activities.

To help us transition into our new class we had a stay and play day where we met our new teachers and friends. These are some pictures of our morning.