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At St George’s we teach phonics using the programme of Letters and Sounds. We teach daily lessons from Nursery up to Year 2. These lessons follow the structure of revisit, teach, practise and apply, this enables children to practise what they have learnt previously and then learn new phonetical knowledge each day. We recognise the importance of teaching phonics effectively to enable children to have a good foundation of learning skills to help them read and write.



  • For all children to be taught the skills needed to read and write 
  • To promote a love of reading and writing.
  • For children to be confident in applying their phonics skills independently in different contexts



In Nursery and Reception, phonics is taught through carpet sessions as a whole class and then provision is provided within the classroom for children to apply their phonic knowledge independently. In KS1 phonics lesson are taught as a whole class and then children complete a range of tasks which enable them to practise applying their phonics skills. To support children with their reading teachers ensure that children have access to phonics books within the classroom that they can access in book corners. Staff read regularly with the children in school which allows us to match the books taken home to the phase of phonics children are learning or to the phonemes which need more practise for individual children. 

In KS2  interventions are provided for children who need extra support in phonics to enable them to revisit what they have learnt previously and to give them extra input in areas they may still have difficulty with. 



Termly assessments are carried out in order to ensure teaching matches the learning for each pupil, these are supported and checked by the Early Years Leader. Lesson observations, planning support, assessment checks are all provided throughout the year by SLT, to ensure that children are developing their understanding of phonics, practising their phonics skills and applying them regularly to independently segment and blend words when reading.