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At St George’s we teach phonics using the programme of Little Wandles. The children are taught through the systematic, synthetic approach of revisit and review, teach and practise, practice and apply daily from Nursery to Year 2.  There are also assessments every 6 weeks to ensure children are on track and those that aren't can access the catch up programme to make sure they don't fall behind.


The progression has been organised so that children are taught from the simple to more complex GPCs, as well as taking into account the frequency of their occurrence in the most commonly encountered words. All the graphemes taught are practised in words, sentences, and later on, in fully decodable books. Children review and revise GPCs and words, daily, weekly and across terms and years, in order to move this knowledge into their long term memory. Children need to learn to read as quickly as reasonably possible, so they can move from learning to read, to reading to learn, giving them access to the treasure house of reading.


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