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Our Whole School Curriculum





Over the past 2 years we have continued to build and develop our curriculum that engages children and build a lifelong love of learning.   We continue to keep our school moto at the centre ‘to live and learn through our faith in Jesus Christ’ and endeavour to develop and nurture the whole child.  We have worked in partnership, consulting with all staff, as well as listening to the children and the approach is developed to be adapted to meet the needs of all pupils, regardless of their starting point.


We teach the children through topics that are integrated so that they can make meaningful links through different areas of their learning. We ensure there is progression so that the children develop valuable skills and acquire knowledge, through a broad and balanced curriculum. Topics build on and develop children’s interests, making links to prior and future learning, so that they are engaged and inspired. We shape our curriculum to reflect the ethos, aims and values of our Catholic school.


Diversity has been established through our ‘Class Continent Focus’ the rationale behind this idea was to teach children about the whole world in a larger context than other curriculum areas may facilitate.  Through children’s understanding of the continents, as well as the countries and cultures that lie within them, the pupils grow up with a wider knowledge base which mirrors the city they live.  This in turn will help to avoid the children learning unconscious bias and having a diverse understanding of the world around them.


We also build in curriculum enrichment weeks and special days where we focus on aspects of learning or subject areas, for example World Book Day, Science Investigation Days, International week. We also offer a wide range of enrichment activities, such as trips, to extend children’s knowledge and understanding.



Our curriculum is planned to:

  • help children to become independent, resilient learners
  • enable children to lead a fulfilling and healthy life
  • provide opportunities for children to be creative
  • allow children to solve their own problems
  • be cross curricular and make links where appropriate
  • allow opportunities to use and apply skills
  • build upon children’s knowledge and skills through a series of lessons
  • use the rich local environment as a basis for learning and educational visits
  • have a strong focus on a text based curriculum, including opportunities to speak, read and write across a range of styles and subjects.
  • include opportunities for children to carry out project based learning at home
  • involve workshops and visitors to enhance the curriculum
  • use a range of approaches including practical activities and discussions
  • have strong catholic ethos throughout, linking to the teachings of the church



Our curriculum is implemented through termly topics which are carefully planned to ensure that knowledge and skills are covered and progression occurs.



The impact of our curriculum is monitored throughout the year and is seen through:

  • looking at children’s work and other evidence of outcomes
  • lesson observations
  • feedback from children and staff