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Our School Day

The school gate opens at 8.45 am with the start of day bell ringing at 8.55 am to ensure a prompt 9 am start to the day. School finishes at 3.30 pm and the gates will open at 3.25 pm each day.


When the gates are open at 8:45 am children will go directly to their classrooms.


Registration is at 9.00 am; children who arrive after this time must report to the school office and will be marked in as late.


Morning playtimes

Yr 5-6 children have morning break at 11.10 am – 11:25 am.

Yr 3-4 children have morning break at 10:50 am – 11.05 am.

Yr 1-2 children have moring break at 10.30 am - 10.45 am.

Children in Nursery and Reception ‘free flow’ during the morning and afternoon sessions.



Reception have their lunch at 11:40 am and their break ends at 12:40 pm.

Yr 1/2 have their lunch at 12.05 pm and their break ends at 1.05  pm.

Yr 3/4 have their lunch at 12.35 pm and their break ends at 1.35 pm.

Yr 5/6 have their lunch at 1.00 pm and their break ends at 2.00 pm.


Afternoon playtimes:

Yr 1-2 children have an afternoon play at 2:00 – 2:15 pm.


Drop-off and collection

At the beginning of the school day, Nursery and Reception parents are expected to drop their children at the school gate, they will walk to Building 2, where there will be a member of staff waiting. At the end of the day, full time nursery and reception children are collected from the playground. Part time pupils are collected from the school gate at 11.45 am.


KS1 and KS2 children should be dropped at the gate in the morning where there will be a senior member of staff and should be collected from their allocated collection point in the playground at the end of the day.


If normal arrangements for home time collection have to be altered (eg you are delayed or another person is collecting your child), please let the office know.  This avoids any confusion or upset.


Getting to school

To get to and from school, walking is definitely the best option!


However, if you are travelling by public transport please leave enough time to allow for delays, so that your child is in school on time.


We expect our school community to show consideration to our neighbours and ask that if you use a car to travel to school, you park responsibly. Please do not park in front of the school gates, this is an emergency exit/entrance.