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Nursery - Our Lady


Our Lady's class



Welcome to Our Lady Nursery class. Our new children have settled into their daily routines wonderfully and are really enjoying coming to Nursery every day. On this page, you will find pictures and videos of what we have been doing since the start of term.


This term we will be focusing on the different subjects which are detailed in the Curriculum newsletter. Each subject will be taught during a carpet session and activities set in the classroom and in the outdoor area are linked to their learning.


Our aim is for children to develop their social skills, interacting and connecting with each other as well as with the outer world. Curiosity will be developed towards the environment and its natural elements in order to learn to take care and respect our world. Most importantly, children will be learning essential values such as sharing and taking turns, considering others and learning to forgive and say sorry.


We have all been working together as a class learning and improving every day. We are happy to say that we cannot wait to continue growing together and seeing and valuing all of our improvements and successes.


Miss Gonzalez.

Story teller hat - Retelling the story "Dear Zoo"

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Adventure Playground and bouncy balls

Home Learning Project Spring 2 - At St George’s we have had a big focus on recycling and looking after our planet as part of our Go Green CAFOD initiative this year! Check out the lovely creations our little ones have made with recycling materials!

Easter Fun Activities - Children enjoyed decorating Easter rabbits and eggs as well as making their own Easter rabbit ears and Easter baskets. Happy Easter everyone!

Children decorated an "Alleluia" banner to celebrate that Jesus came back to life on Easter Sunday.

Spring focus on 'growing'. Children have enjoyed reading the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and planted their own beanstalks.

Spring focus on our topic "All creatures, big and small". We read the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and enjoyed learning about their life cycle.

Math Weighing Activity

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Children made party hats for our Christmas Dinner and enjoyed opening the Christmas crackers.

Christmas Jumper Day

This term our theme has been "In the deep dark woods" and children have enjoyed reading the story "The Owl Babies". Look at the following pictures and see the lovely work we have been doing!

During our RE lessons, we have quiet moments of reflection where we think about what we are thankful for and pray to God. Children made a prayer to God thinking about their loved ones and placed it at our prayer table. At our prayer table, children enjoy decorating a prayer heart to hang on our prayer tree.

Hinduism Week: Children enjoyed making fireworks at our funky fingers area to celebrate Diwali; a festival of lights.

In Math, we have been learning about comparison by sorting out different objects into groups. Children enjoyed sorting out natural elements and began to use language of comparison “more” and “less”.

Care for the environment - Go Green Day

Remembrance Day: Children decorated poppy flowers for our class wreath to remember all the those who fought for us.

Local Area Week: We read the story “Happy Days” and talked about our local area. Children viewed our local area in street view and also had a walk to our local church. They enjoyed sharing their ideas on what can be found at our local area. As a creative area, children painted their house, the street where they live in and their favourite place and things to do at our local area. At last, children made a family picture frame and talked about our local area in the past. Have a look at the beautiful work we have been doing this week!

Children had a visit from Father Francis to our school and also had the opportunity to visit Saint Georges Cathedral. Children enjoyed observing the church walking with Father Francis. Father Francis showed children how a baby is baptized and children observed the candle and the baptismal font with the holy water. Children enjoyed sharing their ideas about baptism with Father Francis and know that God welcomes us to his family through baptism.

In RE, we had a quiet moment to think about how God welcomes us into his family. We talked about what is needed for a baptism; the baptismal font with the holy water, a candle, the parents, the godparents and the baby. Children enjoyed making a collage about baptism and learned that we are all children of God

In Re, we have been focusing on our new topic "Welcome". Children have been learning about how God welcomes us into his family through baptism. Here are some picturesof children role playing the baptism of our class baby.

In phonics, we have been learning about instrument sounds. Children enjoyed playing “Grandmother´s footsteps” with instruments during our Phonics lesson

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During our Phonics lesson, we decided on a movement for each instrument sound. We had lots of fun playing a game where children move in different ways depending on the instrument they hear while another child chooses what instrument will be played. Children stop when music stops and the one playing the instrument can decide on who takes over. In the following video, you can see how children enjoy moving to the sound of the different instruments and how the conductor tells others "stop" when he stops playing the music.

Science Whole School Investigation: Children enjoyed exploring how a solid turns into a liquid. Children mixed the corn starch with the water obtaining a liquid, and enjoyed observing how after a while it turned into solid. Children enjoyed using our science experiment at our malleable area

We have been focusing our learning on building diversity. In Early Years we learnt about the continent of Antarctica and children enjoyed exploring our classroom setting of Antarctica. Children located Antarctica on the globe and virtually visited Antarctica through videos and pictures. Children enjoyed exploring the changes the ice makes and playing with penguins and icebergs in the classroom.

Teddy's Birthday- Children enjoyed wrapping presents for teddy and mark making cards for their teddies to come to Teddy's birthday party at school. They had lots of fun role playing Teddy's birthday, singing and dancing different songs and making some cookies to take home.

During the day, several reading sessions take place. Children love choosing a story and reading independently.