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Nursery - Our Lady

Welcome to Our Lady Nursery class. Our new children have settled into their daily routines wonderfully and are really enjoying coming to Nursery every day. On this page, you will find pictures and videos of what we have been doing since the start of term.


This term we will be focusing on the different subjects which are detailed in the Curriculum newsletter. Each subject will be taught during a carpet session and activities set in the classroom and in the outdoor area are linked to their learning.


Our aim is for children to develop their social skills, interacting and connecting with each other as well as with the outer world. Curiosity will be developed towards the environment and its natural elements in order to learn to take care and respect our world. Most importantly, children will be learning essential values such as sharing and taking turns, considering others and learning to forgive and say sorry.


We have all been working together as a class learning and improving every day. We are happy to say that we cannot wait to continue growing together and seeing and valuing all of our improvements and successes.


Miss Gonzalez.


Our Lady's class



Whole School Project on making boats: children explored different materials and made two different boats to then explore the effect each one would have when floating on the water. As a result, children experimented how our boats can float and slide on the water by adding water with a cup to our tray and blowing our sails.

Roles play of the story 'Alice in Wonderland'

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Children enjoyed role playing the story and having their own Alice in Wonderland tea party.

Alice in Wonderland: Children enjoyed very much our story this term with lots of fun activities. Have a look at the pictures below to see some examples!

Our new English topic is "Out of this world: space and planets". Children enjoyed the introduction to our topic talking about the moon and exploring how it orbits the Earth. Children spun a marble around the Earth and then spun the plate around the sun to begin to understand the solar system. Have a look at the videos below.

Children explore how the moon orbits the Earth using a plate and a marble.

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Children used a plate with the moon and the Earth and spun it around the yellow sun to begin to understand the solar system.

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Movie Day: Children enjoyed their last day before half term break wearing a costume from their favourite movie character. They had lots of fun exploring the different activities set out to do in the classroom.

May is Mary's month! In order to celebrate Our Blessed Lady, Mary the Mother of Jesus, as a class we prayed to the Virgin Mary and learned about the rosary. Children also made flowers to give to Our Mother The Virgin Mary as part of the school procession where as a whole school we said a decade of the rosary.

Whole School Project: Children observed different natural elements like sand, coffee, salt and flour and explored the effect of mixing it with cold water or hot water and its difference. We talked about how it dissolves better in hot water and how colours change when adding the substances into the water. Children enjoyed very much this activity and had fun smelling the different elements.

Children have been learning to segment and blend simple words. In this video, you can see how children during their free play initiated a game where they sit on the chair, choose an object from the bag and have a go at segmenting and blending. I couldn't be prouder, well done to everyone!!

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Children have been learning about 3D shapes and enjoyed constructing models with 3D shape figures and began to build their own 3D shapes with Polydrons.

Children this week enjoyed some fun activities at our outdoor area with some members of the school council.

In math, children have been learning more about 2D shapes and have began to repeat simple patterns. Children have made snake patterns with shapes relating math to our English topic.

This half term our whole school English book has been The Jungle Book. Children enjoyed learning and exploring new aspects about the junbgle. Have a look at the poictures and see all the fun activities they have ebeen working on the different areas set in the classrrom. At our creative areas, we coloured in parrots, baears, monkeys and snakes. At our role play area, children playes in a jungle decorated tent using animals masks and role played the story . At our funky fingers, we made snakes with beads and tanglesd and untangles animals. And at last, at our writing area children made their own marks of the story and traced animals and had a go at tracing animal names.

In RE, children decorated kites and explored the effect when flying them, how the wind helps it move in the air, the same way the Holy spirit helps us and guides us. Children learned about our new friend The Holy Spirit and how it is everywhere.

In Phonics, children are beginning to recognize the initial phoneme in words and have been practicing different ways to represent them.

To welcome our new friend: The Holy Spirit on Pentecost, the children decorated an Alleluia banner for our RE area.

In Math, children have been practicing number recognition and linking them to quantities. Regarding shape and space, they have been using language of measure to compare quantities.

Children used fruits and vegetables at our outdoor kitchen and talked about the importance of eating healthy.

Children observed snails and talked about the different creatures that appear in spring. Children shared their thoughts and ideas and enjoyed looking and talking about the snail's movements in comparison to other minibeast.

Saint George's Day: Children celebrated this day wearing the school colors red and white and enjoying the activities set out to do. Here are some pictures of what we have been doing.

Children have been reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We have learned about healthy food and how we need fruits and vegetables to grow healthy and strong like our caterpillar.

Here you can see some pictures of the children enjoying the different activities set out to do in our outdoor area.

This week children have been improving their math skills around caterpillars and shapes. We have been using circles to make the caterpillars body, counting and tracing them; and we have been feeding pompoms to our caterpillars using number cards. Children have also been talking about the length of our caterpillars and sorting out big and small objects.

Children enjoyed decorating butterflies for our display about our topic "growing".

During our RE lessons, we have quiet moments and gather around our RE table. Here you can see our children practicing the sign of the cross looking at themselves in the mirror.

With the start of Spring and the nice sunny weather children love playing in our adventure playground! Here you have some pictures to see them enjoying our climbing equipment

Children have enjoyed very much the different games played during our PE sessions.

Children have had a great start this new term. Our new pupils have settled in very well engaging with peers and following routine. Here you can see some activities we have been doing.

Half term project on Lent

"God Made Me. He Made Everything" sang by our Nursery class.

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Children made Easter postcards for their family. Happy Easter and hope you have a lovely break!

Children made cereal chocolate cakes. We melted the chocolate and crushed the cereal into it and then prepared our cupcakes to take home. Children enjoyed making our Easter dessert very much!

.At our RE table, we have an Easter garden where children can place their prayer on our Lenten tree and colour in Easter eggs and flowers to offer to Jesus. Have a look at the lovely work they have done and the crosses they have drawn with rubber bands at our funky fingers!

Whole school Science investigation: Making Bridges (Forces). Children were challenged to build a bridge 30 cm wide and look at the result. Children have had lots of fun experimenting with different construction material and working together in groups.

What's the time Mr. Wolf?

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Children have been learning to tell the time. We have been practicing o'clock times and children enjoyed practicing with their small clocks.

During our RE reflection, children thought about a prayer for their family to mark the first anniversary of the first lock-down. Children made red hand-prints as part of our school rainbow reflection.

In RE, children made a flower garden pot with their hand-prints and talked about how lent is a time for growing in love.

In RE, children have been learning that spring is a time when things begin to grow. Children have been taking good care of the flower we’ve planted in our classroom. Children have daily observed our flower stem grow taller and have watered it showing understanding of growth and change over time.

In Math, children have been learning to subitise by playing with domino boards. Children placed teddies on dots and added and removed teddies to learn to recognise amounts without the need of counting individually.

In English we have been working on the story “The Wizard of Oz”. Children have learned to retell the story and talk about its characters. In the following pictures, you can see our small world area and our role play area based on the story as well as all the creative work children have been doing.

Children print painted the initial phoneme of their names. Children begin to recognize their initial phoneme and begin to understand alliteration knowing which words begin with their same initial.

In Math, children have been learning about space and measure. At our math area, children have joined and counted blocks, placed them on the scale using quantity language such as “full, empty and more” while also comparing quantities.

Today children have made beautiful butterflies for Mother's Day. I wish you all a beautiful weekend and to all the mothers, may your day be filled with love, joy and laughter!

This week in Phonics children have been thinking of what things begin with their initial phoneme. Children have made beautiful drawings of what begins with their same initial phoneme and had a go at writing their initial next to the drawing. Beautiful work done by our Nursery Class!

This week in Maths children have been learning to count and recognise domino dots without the need of counting the dots individually. Children have enjoyed placing pompoms on the dots, matching them with its numeral and having a go at writing with the white boards.

This week in English we have been working on small minibeast. Children have learned a lot about our small little nature friends. They have enjoyed colouring them at our creative table, placing pipe cleaners and pins at our funky fingers and playing with them at our small world area. They have learned so much, I couldn't be prouder of our Nursery class!

Children made lent promises in RE and decorated hearts for Jesus. They learned that "Jesus loves you and wants to hear you" from our Gospel.

This week all children have come back and they have settled back into school successfully. Here you can see some pictures!

World Book Day: Today children had lots of fun sharing their favourite story and shining bright with their disguises! Have a look at some fun activities we have been doing today!

Today we planted some dahlia flowers in our garden. Children filled the pot with soil, added the seeds and then watered them. They had lots of fun during the process and will now begin to water them daily and soon watch them bloom.

One of our home learners had a go at creating a Stegosaurus dinosaur with shapes. Such lovely work done from home!

This week we have started our new topic “All Creatures Great and Small”. Children have been enjoying very much the story “Harry and the Dinosaurs go to School”. They have made their own hand print dinosaur and had a go at writing their dinosaur name. Have a look at the images below to see all the fun they haven been having.

Fun Day Friday: Today children enjoyed very much our zoom lesson with our home learners. Children dressed up expressing themselves shining bright like the sunrise! As a class, we did some meditation and had lots of fun activities. We read the book “What I Like About Me” and children looked at themselves in the mirror and said what they like the most about themselves. They had lots of fun singing and dancing to the rhythm of Hockey Pockey and as a creative activity, designed their own hat to express themselves.

Science Ice Cream Experiment: Children had lots of fun today making ice cream. They poured sugar into the milk bag; salt into the ice bag and then shook it until the milk turned into ice cream. After, children enjoyed smelling the ice cream and had a taste on a plastic cup. As a following activity, children coloured in ice cream cones and made some comments on what we did (see pictures below).

Today we had a Children’s Mental Health Week fitness session! Children had some fun energetic movement with an appearance from Spiderman and some yoga & mindful breathing led by a unicorn. Remember to be active at home, it is important to keep everybody feeling energised and positive, and exercise is vital to positive mental health & happiness!​

This week has been children’s mental health week. We have discussed emotions and how we express ourselves. We have shared what we like and makes us smile: our happy place which we painted. We have also had a zoom reading on “Would an elephant enjoy the seaside?” and talked about the different activities we like to do and are best at with our remote learners. Remember to take time each day to do something nice together at home such as baking, reading or painting.

Some of our remote learners have returned this week to school and have settled in very well back into class! Here you can see all the fun they had this week!

Here you can see one of our remote learners playing with her homemade 'Supertato' and her villain 'The Evil Pea' mask. Such beautiful creative work!

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This week in English, children have created their own superhero stories. In the following pictures, you can see our children making their own Supertato and preparing their villain story using vegetables.

This week in Math, children have been learning to count to 10 and focused on number 6 and its representation. Have a look at the following images to see our children's work.

This week in Phonics, children have been learning about alliteration: when two or more words share the same initial sound. In doing so, children have been looking at words that begin with the same initial sound and have been making up some alien names with same initial sounds like “Fo fi fandle fee”. In the following images, you can see how one of our students has created her own alien and had a go at tracing the ABC.

This week in RE, children have been learning about the story of the presentation of Jesus. In the following pictures, you can see one of our students with her baby Jesus in the stable talking about him and role-playing the story.

In order to show our gratitude to the NHS some of our children have contributed with some drawings. We are very thankful knowing how hard our NHS is working to keep us all safe and healthy. Our hope is that our work will put a smile on frontline workers faces after a long shift saving lives. Stay safe!

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Our remote learners have been enjoying the books and paper work we prepared in school to take home! They have also tried different creative activities that were sent in. Here you can see our students creating their construction area at home building towers using cups and freezing some plastic toys in ice watching how they change over time. Children have had lots of fun and have also practiced tapping with their brush to strenghthen their fingers for better control and hold of their brush!

This week in Phonics, we have been exploring voice sounds and one of our students has shared the following pictures where she had a go at writing the voice sounds of different elements. Great writing skills and well done seeking new challenges!

Our remote learners have been great mathematicians this week matching numbers to quantities. Children have been grocery shopping and have prepared their shopping list counting up to 10. Well done to everyone!

Our Nursery children are enjoying our superhero story "Supertato" very much from home. Look at all the hard work and amazing creative activities they have been doing this past week. Well done and keep it up!

I am so happy to see so much improvement in our litlle learners! Here you can see one of our students reading out some rhyming words and imitating the voice sounds of the images! Great work done from home, keep it up!

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This week in English, we have been working on the book 'Supertato'. Children have enjoyed reading the story and have been using adjectives to describe the characters. Children have thought about their superhero name and as a creative activity, we have made superhero headbands and our own Supertato hero.

Here are some activities our children have been doing in school. Have a look at all the fun our little ones have had learning about superheroes and how not all superheroes wear capes.

Children have been enjoying discovering our new Adventure Playground! They have been developing their climbing skills and have gotten good at it. Check out the pictures to see how confident children are getting.

In the following video you can see one of our students learning about rhyming words and having a go at reading them! I am very happy to see so much improvement and hard work done from home!

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I am so happy to see all the hard work done from home! This week children have enjoyed counting, learning about superheroes, rhyming words and talking about celebrations. One of our students has shared some celebration pictures. Thank you all for the pictures sent in and all the enthusiasm placed in home learning! Can´t wait to see next week´s work, keep it up!

Phonics Home Learning: Here you can see one of our students playing and singing a nursery rhyme from home. I am happy to see so much enthusiasm and joy when learning!

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Happy New Year everyone! May the New Year bless you with joy, prosperity and health. It has been a lovely start of the year seeing our remote learners working from home and all the hard work they have been doing this week. Thank you for all the pictures sent in. It has made me very happy to see how they have been enjoying home learning so much! Keep it up! I can´t wait to see next week’s work!

Christmas Jumper Day: Children had lots of fun today shining bright with their jumpers. Children wrote post cards to each other to place in our Santa post box and were really excited to decorate our Christmas tree at our Funky Fingers area.

Festive Friday: Children had lots of fun rocking their reindeer antlers and shining as little Santa's. Here are some pictures of what their day was like, have a look at the beautiful jingle bells they made!

This week was "Antibullying Week". In relation to this, we read the story "The Ugly Duckling" and talked about the importance of being kind to each other. We coloured in a big kindness love heart with children's comments in it and displayed it in class to remind us to be a good friend. We had a reflection time in RE where children included each other in their prayers by saying "God, please take care of... as I will do". Children placed their promise into our prayers and wishes pouch at our RE table. Here are some pictures, I have written down the children's comments on the heart images.

Learning about Diwali, a festival of lights celebration. (Other Faiths - Hinduism): We made rangoli patterns with coloured rice and also made diya lamps. We created our own fireworks at our funky fingers and at our writing area, we traced firework patterns and had a go at writing the initial of our name.

Home learning project focused on ‘Your Local Area’. Congratulations on the hard work to parents and children during the half term break!

PE with Progressive Sports

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In progressive sports, children have learned to dance and sing "head, shoulders, knees and toes".

English: Learning to share and say "please".

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In class, we have been working on the story "Rainbow Fish" learning the values of being a good friend. In the video, you can see how children have created a game where one says "please" and the other says "okay" handing the chair to sit.

Phonics: Learning to make your own rhythm

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Children have been playing percussion instruments and have been creating their own. In the video, you can see our students following the pace they have set and others repeating it.


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In math, we have been learning to recognize amounts without needing to count one by one and matching the amount to its numeral. In this video, you can see how children are given a numeral and they run towards the amount of animals matching their card.

Here are some pictures of what we have been doing for the past few weeks! The classroom is set around sea creatures due to our English book “Rainbow Fish”. We have also added a display on Black History Month with animal masks and rainy clouds done by children after reading 'Handa’s Surprise' and ‘Bringing the rain to Kapiti plain’. In phonics, we have introduced the guitar as a string instrument opposite to the percussion instruments we have been working on and children had a go at holding and playing the guitar. As a creative activity, children created their own guitars with cereal boxes. In funky fingers, we have done different activities to make our fingers stronger in order to have a better hold of our pencils.

After settling in, we have started this week with new topics. In English, we are focusing on the book Rainbow Fish and learning how to be a good friend by sharing and caring. We have also started working on the book Handa's Surprise welcoming Black History Month. This week, in Phonics we are tuning into instruments and children are enjoying a lot playing and dancing to the rhythm of the music! Check the photos below to see what we have been working on!

Playing “Grandmother´s footsteps” with instruments during our Phonics lesson

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During our Phonics lesson, we decided on a movement for each instrument sound. We had lots of fun playing a game where children move in different ways depending on the instrument they hear while another child chooses what instrument will be played. Children stop when music stops and the one playing the instrument can decide on who takes over. In the following video, you can see how children enjoy moving to the sound of the maracas and how the conductor tells others "stop" when he stops playing the music.

On our first day, we had a stay an play where children met their new friends and teachers. Children enjoyed using the different activities together in our inside and outside classroom and had lots of fun making new friends.