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Nursery - Our Lady


Our Lady's class



Welcome to Our Lady Nursery class.. On this page, you will find pictures and videos of what we have been doing since the start of term.


This term we will be focusing on the different subjects which are detailed in the Curriculum newsletter. Each subject will be taught during a carpet session and activities set in the classroom and in the outdoor area are linked to their learning.


Our aim is for children to develop their social skills, interacting and connecting with each other as well as with the outer world. Curiosity will be developed towards the environment and its natural elements in order to learn to take care and respect our world. Most importantly, children will be learning essential values such as sharing and taking turns, considering others and learning to forgive and say sorry.


Miss Gonzalez.

Crescent literacy workshop. Parents enjoyed coming into class and reading together “The Very Lazy Ladybird”. It has been so much fun going on a minibeast hunt together. Have a look at the lovely activities we have done with our Parents.

EYFS Dancing with Music Session

Jack and the Beanstalk. Have a look at the beanstalks we have planted. We can't wait to watch them grow!

Today we talked about how flowers grow and we sang “a little seed for me to sow”. Children enjoyed making flowers print painting with carrots and pears.

Our theme this term is “What a Wonderful World”. We will be learning about the different growing things, the spring season and the different creatures in our wold.

Parent Workshop: Parents have been invited to school for a crescent literacy session where we read the story “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and enjoyed exploring the different activities set in the classroom.

London transport museum trip: As part of our theme 'People who help us', we visited the London transport museum and explored different vehicles.

Career Day - Children came dressed up of what they want to be when they are older. We enjoyed sharing our ideas about our clothes and talking about 'People Who Help Us'

To start our new theme "People who help us", we have started by reading 'Super Daisy'. We enjoyed pretending to be superheroes in our setting and will continue learning about superheroes and how not all of them wear capes.

Half term Project- The World Cup

Merry Christmas

Still image for this video

Yoga Workshop

Remembrance Day

In RE, we have learnt about baptism and how we are welcomed into God's family. We role played the baptism and took turns baptizing the baby. Look at the baptism collage we have created as a class!

This week in math we have been focusing on comparison. W e enjoyed sorting out different natural elements into groups and talking about its differences!

In Phonics, we have been focusing our learning on instrumental sounds. We are having lots of fun exploring the different instrumental sounds and as a class, we made our own tambourines. Have a look at our work!

We have welcomed Autumn season by recollecting leaves from our outdoor area. We have been singing "Leaves are Falling" from our poetry basket and have explored painting with leaves the different autumn colors at our malleable area. Have a look our autumn trees!

In math, we have been learning the nursery rhyme "Five Little Speckle Frogs". We had lots of fun singing and counting the frogs in the song!

Half Term Project- Getting to Know You

Autumn 1 Topic: "Getting to Know You". We have enjoyed settling into school, meeting our new friends and exploring the different areas in our classroom. We have been talking about us and our family and have shared what we like to do with those who are special to us. Have a look at our lovely pictures playing at our indoor and outdoor area!

Stay and Play before joining our new school: Children came in at the end of Summer 2 with their parents to meet their new school, teachers and friends. It was such a nice start, exciting times ahead!