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School Journey-Day 3

A chiller, rainier day today but that hasn’t stopped us doing our best in all of the activities. We have challenged ourselves incredibly. More muddier the better it seems for St George’s. We slept so well that Miss King had to wake us up- we were not her alarm clock today!

Today’s activities:
Group1- Climbing, Fencing, Dance mania, Trapeze.
Group2- Initiative exercises, Sensory trail, Dance Mania, Fencing.

During dance mania, as well as us learning new dances, we even taught the instructors the dance to candy.

We are currently doing our evening activity- run around quiz. (The teachers are hoping this will wear us out even more!)

The children are really pleased you like all the pictures so far and there are so many more photos that we haven’t shared with you but they will share with you when we are back.