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Reception admissions – September 2020

If your child was born between 1 September 2015 and 31 August 2016, your child is due to start primary school in September 2020.

Please complete the online admission form by using the link below by 15th January 2020

Southwark’s school admissions team will provide for the admission of children into the reception year group in the September following their fourth birthday. However, a child isn’t required to start school until they’ve reached compulsory school age.

The compulsory school age is set out in section 8 of the Education Act 1996 and The Education (Start of Compulsory School Age) Order 1998. A child reaches compulsory school age on the prescribed day following his/her fifth birthday (or on his/her fifth birthday if it falls on a prescribed day).

The prescribed days are:

31 December
31 March
31 August
Deferred entry
In accordance with Paragraph 2.16 of the School Admissions Code 2014, families are able to:

defer their child’s entry to school until later in the same academic year;
defer their child’s entry to school until s/he reached compulsory school age; or
take up their child’s reception place part time until she/he reaches compulsory school age
For further information on deferring your child’s reception place until later in the same academic year, read our policy on deferring entry to primary school.

Admission of children outside of their normal age group
Families with summer born children who have not reached compulsory school age may request to delay their child’s entry to reception until the following academic year.

For further information on how to request to delay a summer born child’s entry to reception until the following academic year, please get in touch with the admissions team at Southwark.

For further information, view the Starting primary school in Southwark 2020/21 brochure which is available using the following link