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At St George’s we teach English through the use of high quality texts, some of these texts are taken from the Literacy Tree schemes of work, others selected through texts that we believe will engage a class. We try where possible to make links between the texts we choose and other subjects that are being taught across the curriculum.

Guided Reading is taught and supported by the Literary Leaves scheme and offers a range of texts to support the children’s learning and develop their reading skills.



  • To expose all children to high quality texts that fosters a love of Reading and Writing.
  • To deliver programmes of study as described in the National Curriculum.
  • To encourage children to develop their own style of writing.
  • To develop children’s comprehension and inference skills when reading.



English is taught daily by the class teacher, a chosen text will be taught through a planning sequence that covers on average a three week period. Within these lessons the teaching consists of exploring the spelling and grammar within the text, the literary language used, making links with other texts and children’s own experiences and the sequence ends with the children planning, writing and publishing their own piece based on the themes explored.  Opportunities to apply their skills in writing are also given throughout others areas of the curriculum e.g. writing in role in history, analysing scripture in RE.

Guided Reading is taught each day, with lessons based around the chosen text.  Children have the opportunity to use and develop their reading, inference and comprehension skills, they make links between other texts they have read and look at the author’s style of writing. There is also a paired reading session each week where paired classes will read a chosen book together. This allows older and younger children to develop their questioning and reading skills while sharing their books with peers and developing their love of reading.

As well as World Book Day, we hold regular theme days based around texts chosen for the whole school to engage the children from Nursery to Year 6 and share experiences of a text.



The impact of English and Guided Reading is monitored throughout the year by SLT and the subject leader through looking at children’s work within class and across the school to ensure there is progress and the children are developing a range of skills in reading and writing. Children are also listened to read regularly as an ongoing form of assessment.