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Children's work

Thursday 16th April

The children asked to make and send birthday cards to Captain Thomas Moore, who at the age of 99 has raised over £12,000,000 for the NHS. 


Happy 100th Birthday Captain Thomas Moore! 

Over the last few weeks, the children have written a story based on superheroes and supervillains. They have worked very hard to plan, draft and publish their stories. When they were completed we enjoyed reading each other's stories. 


Today the children designed and made their own butterflies. The children enjoyed decorating their butterflies using a range of materials and mixing primary colours; some children even made their butterflies symmetrical! 


In our Early Years provisions, we have been talking about our feelings. We discussed,  as a group what different emotions we might feel, and why we might have these feelings –  focussing on the current difficult time. As a group, we discussed what colours might be associated with different emotions and how would we draw these feelings. 

The children had lots of fun today making elephants using recycled milk bottles and tissue paper. 

During Lent, we discussed the various Stations of the Cross and why they are important. The children were then asked to create a piece of artwork based on a specific station. We used all these amazing pieces to create a display of the Stations of the Cross. Also, the children participate in daily collective worship sessions. We gather together at 12pm to pray for our friends and families and  recite the rosary. 

In Art, the children learned what mosaics are and how they are created. Firstly, the children coloured in a mosaic template to understand how a mosaic is made up of different sections. They then created their own mosaics using paper. Some children even made their piece of artwork 3D!
The children have created lovely pieces of artwork using finger paints. They also explored how they could create secondary colours by mixing two primary colours together. 
The children have created amazing pieces of jewellery using string, paint and penne pasta.