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Catholic Life at St. George's

“Jesus took a little child and set him by his side and then said to them: ‘Anyone who welcomes this little child in my name welcomes me, and anyone who welcomes me, welcomes the one who sent me. For the least among you all, that is the one who is great.”

Luke 9:47, 48.

Every pupil who enters our school is a member of God’s family.


We come together to pray each and every day. The children use recognised prayers of the Church, the Our Father, the Hail Mary and the morning offering, for example. We also invite the children to create personal prayer and provide opportunities for reflection and meditation. The liturgical year provides a framework for our worship and we reflect each week on the message of Sunday’s Gospel reading.

We participate in the ritual and tradition of the Catholic faith and follow the 'Come & See' RE Curriculum.


We are fortunate to have a priest from the Cathedral Parish, as our school chaplain. He celebrates regular school and class Masses with us each year, as well as the sacrament of reconciliation for those who have made their first confession.  He also joins us on a weekly basis for whole school assembly, where school, parents and church come together. Further, each May we have a May procession in honour of Our Lady. We also have Rosary on a weekly basis in October and May.  Parents and Carers are always welcome to attend these events, alongside staff and children.


The children celebrate their achievements in Whole School Assembly each Friday morning. EYFS and Key Stage 1 celebrate Christmas through annual Nativity Plays and we carry out the Stations of the Cross at Easter.


As a Catholic school we are part of a wider network of Catholic Schools, across our Deanery, our Diocese and the Catholic Education Service as a whole. We work closely with the other Primary Schools in the diocese of Southwark.

Our Spiritual Life Committee

We have a range of children from Year 4-6. These children were selected carefully based upon their application letter as well as knowledge and application of our Catholic ethos in school. We are proud to have these pupils not only support the school and parish priests in developing our ethos but also in their capacity as role models to the other pupils in school. These children have badges to identify themselves so that other children can talk to them about anything that may be concerning them

Spiritual Life Committee Members

Wednesday Word

Every Thursday the KS1 and KS2 teachers lead the children in a discussion, reflection and prayer linked to the Wednesday Word.  Children also get to take a copy of the Wednesday Word home so they can continue that discussion and prayer with their families.


The Months of Mary

In October and May the Spiritual Life Committee lead a daily praying of the rosary alongside the teachers, we also invite the parents in before school to join us in a decade of the rosary.  In May there is a procession where the whole school process around the school and then sit together in the playground to prayer a decade of the rosary and reflect on the life of Mary our Mother.

The Liturgical Year at St Georges 2021-2022

St George's Cathedral Carol Service - Children from Year 5 and 6 attended and participated in the Christmas Carol service at the cathedral

Advent Blessing - Thank you to Fr. Francis for giving the whole school an Advent blessing

Christmas Carol Service - KS2 participated in our Christmas Carol Service at the Cathedral. Thank you to Joe and Jonathan for your support, and to the members of our local community who attended.

CAFOD COP26 - What is it? Why is it important?

COP26 is the annual UN climate conference. A ‘COP’ means ‘conference of parties’.

Governments and negotiators from across the world will travel to the meeting to discuss how to keep temperature rises below dangerous levels and prevent the climate crisis from causing even worse catastrophes for the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people.


Our school council is working in collaboration with Cafod to help raise money to tackle poverty caused by the climate crisis. Over the year children will participate in different activities to highlight how we can make the planet a better place. Together we can shine a light on some of the causes of the climate emergency while doing our bit to guard God's creation and protect our common home.



Harvest Festival - Thank you to everyone who donated to our harvest collection. The food donations were given to St Vincent De Paul's food bank at St George's Cathedral by children from our Spiritual Life Committee.

The Liturgical Year at St. George's 2020-2021

May - Month of Mary: Our Spiritual Life Committee, parents and members of our school community said a decade of the rosary every morning for week.

May - Month of Mary: Each class visited the playground where they were able to reflect on the life of Mary. Whilst our older children confidently said a decade of the rosary, our younger children were introduced to rosary beads and discussed why Mary is special to all of us.

April - Stations of the Cross

Important Visits

Visit from the Archbishop. Today the Year 6’s shared and discussed work they had done in response to a letter from the Archbishop regarding the current events on racism. The year 6’s shared their work and views maturely and raised some important points.

Archbishop John Wilson's Visit