Year 6 trip to the Science Museum.

Today Year 6 went to the Science museum, we were lucky enough to go into the wonderlab where we played with a variety of Science experiments and tested different forces. We then got to watch a rocket show (which made some loud bangs)

Thank you to the parents that accompanied us as without you we would not be able to attend such fun trips.

Children comment below: what was your favourite part of the wonder lab and why?

6 comments on “Year 6 trip to the Science Museum.

  1. my favorite part of the science museum was the friction slide.

  2. My favourite part of the trip was the spinning pole thingy ( sorry I forgot what it was called) and it was so much fun. It was supposed to be for helping you to spin fast and get control of the dizziness when you want to be on ice and to a turn. I also enjoyed something we did at the corner with miss grabowski because it was something we had to do with our brains. We had to make a stack of bricks from smallest to biggest on another pole without placing a bigger brick on top a smaller brick. It was so much fun and I with we could go back again. In addition, I enjoyed the slides I went on as well. I learned that different materials can either push you with the force or prevent you to get a boost from the force.

  3. My favourite part of the trip was the push chair thing ( I dont know name )but it was so much fun. I thinks its to show you something about gravity or how you can push your self up . I also enjoyed what me , Julianna and Miss grawboski did it was something we had to solve similar to an activity we did on achool journey . It was so much fun and i wanna go back to do the emotion ball thing ( dont know its name ) I learned a lot of things about science and ot was super fun.

  4. I loved the things that we learned at the museum

  5. i loved the place,where you put paper in it,and it flows up in the air.

  6. My favourite part was when the man was blowing up things because it was fun to watch 🔥

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