Year 6 School Journey-Day 1.

We arrived safely and had a straight forward journey with no traffic. Children were even sleeping on the way here. They are very excited and enthusiastic to see everything.

All of the children have tried their first activity and have shown great teamwork and support.

They have eaten a lovely dinner and are are all ready for the disco this evening. We have celebrated a birthday and are looking forward to having cake after the disco.

Parents: There will be lots of photos and we can’t put all of them on each day but you will get a cd of all of the photos back at school if you wish.

Today’s activities:
Group 1-Abseiling
Group 2- Zip wire

Now back to the dancing…


35 comments on “Year 6 School Journey-Day 1.

  1. Delighted to hear you all arrived safely and are having a good time. I can see some of the boys have some of my dance moves. Hope everyone enjoys the disco and you all have a good nights sleep.

  2. Enjoy the cake! Happy Birthday!

  3. Claudia Salazar says:

    Hello everyone, the photos look amazing , so much fun.
    Enjoy the trip and have a lost of fun!
    Emily you looked wonderful!!
    Have a lots of fun.
    Love you ❤️😘

  4. Hope you had a great day

  5. Minerva and Philip says:

    I am so happy to see the children happy thanks for everything. LEIRE enjoys it a lot every day.

  6. Janeth Nunez says:

    God bless you all, you all look amazing at the disco.
    All my love for my little princess Avril , enjoy everything with your classmates.

  7. You all look so nice, have fun my princess I miss you

  8. Manuela enjoy the disco party and good night sleep my princess,I cover you with the grace of God .Amen.

  9. Lorenza Maria Gomez says:

    Good to see all of them enjoying the party, God bless all, regards to my dear son Omar and many thanks to all the teachers for being so kind and look after our children.
    Kind Regards

  10. Lordking(Miss King’s Fav) says:

    Hello my fellow Yr 6 students I hope you are enjoyed your first day there😁.
    If Miss King doesn’t read this I will be having Serious words with her.
    Thank God for a safe journey enjoy your time.
    To all of you guys don’t spend all of your Money in one day unless you will Regret I was in that situation b4 trust me🤣😁🤟🏾

    Hope you enjoy your time Holyking (Take care of Miss King and Mrs Douglass )

  11. Holyking's Mum says:

    Hello year six thank God for safe journey, i can see you are really having a good time, enjoy youself, i wish all of you a very good night. sleep well

  12. I read it straight away Lordking! They are all having a great time and you are all my favourites 🙂

  13. Good Morning. Hope you all had a good nights sleep and are ready for a day full of fun and adventure.

  14. Top of the morning to you all! So pleased to see all the children catching fun and lots of dance move on the stage. Joshua well done I can see your dance move. You all should have another great adventure again today. Love you all!!!

  15. A big thank you to st george’s cathedral catholic primary school for this beautiful trip,i can see you all having a swell time,big boy joshua lots of love to you and all your class mates.

  16. Good morning all I hope you all have a good night after party

  17. Good morning,Manuela are you ok miss you so much

  18. Linda Aisebiogun says:

    I am so happy to see that the kids are having fun.

  19. It’s amazing to see that everyone is having a great time. Enjoy the trip, we miss you Alyza and we can’t wait to hear all the fun stories later on!

  20. Claudia Salazar says:

    Good morning all! I hope you had a good night. I hope Emily enjoyed all the activities to the full, God bless you
    I love you so much mi muñeca. 😘

  21. Miss Grabowski says:

    Glad to see you are all having such a great time! Looking forward to seeing what adventures you get up to today, after what I heard was a very early start 🙂

  22. Eva/Dj mom says:

    I was smilling seeing all your lovely pictures guys. It looks like you all are having a good time.Dj we miss you especially your little sister,she keeps on asking where is DJ.Take care and have lots of fun and make good memories with them. we love you

  23. Hello st Martins Class, I know you are all under God’s protection.

  24. Hello my darling Daniel hope you feels much better now, please continue to look after yourself, I really miss you and your brother misses you too he won’t stop asking about you. I am glad to know that you are well, love you loads 🙏😘

  25. looks like you guys are having a really nice time,i really miss when i was in year 6 and when i went to school journey we had lots and lots of good memories i really wish i was there. have a nice time for the rest of school journey and make sure you all don’t dont give miss king or douglas stress.

  26. stella akinyele says:

    I am happy that everyone arrived safely. God protection over every one of you Amen.

    Hi Rachael, this is mama make you sure have lots of fun.
    love u.

  27. looks like you guys are having a really nice time,i really miss when i was in year 6 and when i went to school journey we had lots and lots of good memories i really wish i was there. have a nice time for the rest of school journey and make sure you all don’t dont give miss king or douglas stress.

  28. ANTHONY UWADIA. says:


  29. Looks like you all are having fun. Stay safe. To all the yr 6 👊🏾💙

  30. Hope you have all had a good day. Make sure you get an early night tonight as you need to keep energy up for rest of week. Keep up the good work Miss King and Mrs Douglass.

  31. Wow looks like you guys are having an amazing time!would like ti say a big Thank you for ****** birthday preparations you done a wonderful job.Miss you keep safe and see you when you come back.

  32. Minerva and Philip says:

    Hello everyone, I am happy to see you enjoy with your friends Leire I love you very much kisses from your brothers, uncles, dad and mom .

  33. Kirstyn Galos says:

    Hello everyone ! We are so happy to see your lovely photos. Thank you very much Miss King for the update. Enjoy Ate Sophia !! You look so pretty in your dress . Have a good time and take care always . We miss you and love u very much ! God bless everyone.

  34. It is so amazing to see our lovely children enjoying themselves on this school journey. All praise and honour to God Almighty not forgetting our lovely teachers that took the children May God richly bless you.

  35. I’m happy they arriver safely back to

    Thank God😇

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