Year 6 Junior Citizenship event.

Today year 6 visited the fire station at Old Kent road to take part in the TFL junior citizenship event.

We went to six different workshops looking at how to keep safe on buses and the underground, fire safety, knife crime, crossing roads and animal protection.

It was really useful and made us aware of important issues as we get ready to go to secondary school.

What facts do you remember? What important information will you take from it? 

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  1. Facts which I remembered was that if you have any problems on the bus the safest person you can talk to is the bus driver and he will contact TFL.
    What I will take with me is that when I am at a bus stop I will take the same amount back as my height and one step back. Another thing I will take with me is incase of a fire I will check the door with the back of my hand before I come out and if it is hot I will stay in the room and take soft items to put under the door and open a window and warn my family for fire or my neighbors.

  2. They told us what to not do on a bus and if you see somebody’s possesion you don’t touch it because you don’t know what’s inside so ask people who’s bag it is.for the train station if you lost your card you ask the people who work cause they have over a 100 cameras, so when there is a fire in your house you need to get a teddy or a pillow and put it under your door so the fire doesn’t get stronger. Whenever your going downstairs you need to kneel down because if u stand up the smoke u will smell and you won’t be able to breathe. Last but not least knife crime if a police is talking to you about something like where do u live because we want this city to be safe ask them if you can see a card but if they don’t allow you there a fake police so just walk away.

  3. When we went to the TFL I learnt alot . I learnt that if you are in a train station and you drop your phone inside where the the trains work never try to pick it up because it has 600mor 6000 ton of electricity

  4. The rail roads on the train stations have 6536 tons of electricity

  5. Something I learnt from this trip is that children that are about the same age as us are very lucky to have a zip card to travel because adults actually waste at least six thousand pound on transport alone.I also learnt that if you are in contact in a fire you must check if a fire is outside your door. If it is then you must make sure that no smoke will come under the door. Once you have done this then may throw some inexpensive things out your window to get people’s attention. You can then shout ‘fire’ . We were also told that our bedroom doors can hold fires of for at least 30mins. The emergency services can get to you in 5 minutes so not to worry.

  6. London transport can be very harmful so always be aware of your surroundings.When you are at the train station waiting for a train always stand behind the yellow lines and never jump onto the train for anything because it can be replaced but your life cannot. Always stay far but not to far back from the road when waiting for the bus because if you trip to close to the road you could get run over (hopefully not) and have life threatening injuries and you could possibly die.Always be careful near London transport.

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