World Book Day!

We are having a great day celebrating World Book Day at School. There are some fabulous costumes and great reading activities going on throughout the day.

The staff looked great too!

Thank you to everyone for their contributions today.

Whats your favourite book and why?

4 comments on “World Book Day!

  1. One of my favourite books are the guided reading books we read like Cogheart or Beetle Boy, because there is always something going on in every page and the characters have all something interesting about them. Also how the teachers read it to us makes it even more exciting

  2. Steveeeee says:

    It was so fun. We all dressed up as our favourite character and come as it. I came as Greg heffley.

  3. My favourite book is Harry Potter and the deathly hallows as it is the last book in the series which shows the lays moments of Harry Potter’s mortal enemy,Lord Voldemort. I also like this book because of its fantastic use of language as it helps the reader build an image of what exactly is happening in the book. Overall I would recommend this book to readers that love adventure, mystery and of course magic.

  4. It was so fun seeing everyone dressed up in their cool costume and when miss Nicholson read George’s marvellous medicine

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