What would you rather find?

Would you rather find?

  • The end of a rainbow?
  • A treasure chest?
  • A living dinosaur?
  • A secret garden?

Give reasons for your answers.

28 comments on “What would you rather find?

  1. A secret garden and the end of the rainbow because a secret garden because you would find something interesting. The rainbow because I want some gold and it good to find some things interesting??????????????

  2. A treasure chest in mine, and I would get toys with the gold!

  3. I would rather find everything on that list because they are very interesting and you would benefit from all those items.

  4. TREASURE CHEST because I would be the richest person EVER and I can buy anything I like!

  5. A living dinosaur so that I will be famous.

  6. I would rather find a secret garden because I will be the only person who knows that there is a secret garden, nobody else but me.

  7. I would find a secret garden because I have seen in movies that many gardens (secret gardens) are very special and that they always contains secrets that nobody knows.

  8. Samuela ?year2 says:

    We love the name of the rainbow

  9. I would like to see a living megladon because it has been declared extinct for 1,000,000’s of years and it’s the biggest shark in human history, it’s maximum is 59 feet tall or long.

  10. Finding treasure chests will make you rich AND FAMOUS!

  11. I’D RATHER FIND NOTHIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. TREASURE CHEST because I would be the richest person EVER and I can buy anything I like!


  14. i would find a living dinosaur because i could create a copy of it and scientists will pay me trillions and they will put me in the record books of great people

  15. One word, EVERYTHING. It would make life so interesting.

  16. Sophie medina says:

    I would rather find a beautiful rainbow because it is colourful

  17. I would like to find a magic valley of amazing animals like griffins.

  18. I would rather find an alive dinosaur in the Galápagos Islands because it has been proven that it’s extinct!!!!!!!!!!!🐉🐉🐉🐉

  19. christian says:

    a chest at the end of the rainbow because i would be rich but for once maybe a secret garden because it is magical!!!!!!!

  20. Jermica ♡ says:

    A secret garden because they are wonderful!

  21. I would rather find a pot of gold which I can buy something or raise money

  22. I would find everything on the list except for a living dinosaur, because to find the end of a rainbow will be amazing. I would want to find a secret garden, because I would do things that I like in it and have a party there, too. I would want to find a treasure chest, because I would be rich and I can share it with all my family and keep some for me.

  23. I would rather have a secret garden were I can have my own privacy and I can do what ever I want. I would also want a treasure chest because I can experience how it feels to be a billionaire. The last thing I would like to find is the end of a rainbow, I would like this to happen because I can be extra rich. I will become one of the richest people in the galaxy.

  24. Nicolas Abella says:

    A living dinosaur, so that I can study how they live and the end of the rainbow , because i’ll get rich :0.

  25. I would find a secret garden because its just u who knows about it

  26. Lucas @St. George's Primary School says:

    A living dinosaur would scare the fright out of me

  27. I would like to find all of them because being in awesome adventures like those will be fun.

  28. Daniel st Nicholas class says:


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