Welcome to Year 5

Year 5s had a smashing start last week and had started already working very hard with their attendance and class work. Pupils are showing resilience and determination to work hard and to be independent in their learning.

Over the next few weeks Year 5s will are exploring the ‘Night mail’ poem by W.H. Auden during English. This poem inspired a short TV film to be released in the 1930s. The pupils are learning the use of poetic language and other writing skills from this poem.

In Mathematics we are working out place value of numbers over the next few weeks. We are covering decimal numbers, tenths, hundredths and some written numbers up to 100,000. Pupils are enjoying this topic, which is vital to be able to access maths.

In RE (Religious Education) our topic is ‘Ourselves’ we are exploring more about ourselves: who we are? Where we come from? Do we know our weaknesses? The topic will enable us to become closer to God and enable us to know ourselves and God.

Over the next few weeks, we will be exploring our new website which is very interesting and has many areas to be familiar with and will be a tool of communication between home and school.


Well done to Year 5s to have an excellent start to the new academic year.