Week 2- Times challenge!

Week 2 saw a busy classroom of children coming to take on Mr Welsh at the times table challenge. He and Nathaniel competed and Nathaniel came out on top by 1 point.

Miss King scored 40 so has now overtaken Mr Welsh in the leaderboard of teachers.

It is wonderful to see so many children coming along to beat their own scores and we can see how many children have been practising their times tables. Miss Webster came back to try again.

We cant wait to see everyone again next week in Miss King’s classroom on Friday lunchtime. Who will score higher? Here are the top three from this week:

KS1 results     

1st- Jara- 30

2nd- Angel- 29

3rd- Kirstyn- 28


KS2 results

1st- Kamso-41

2nd- Nathaniel- 40

3rd- Steve- 38

Keep practising