School Journey-Day 4

We have had another full day of activities with more mud. It was the boys turn to be Miss King’s alarm clock today. The birthday girl has had a lovely day with her friends. The children have continued to push themselves out of their comfort zones and try their best in all they are doing.

Today’s activities:
Group 1- Survival, Lazer maze/ grid of stones, Conquest and Sensory trail.
Group 2- Trapeze, Lazer maze/ grid of stones, Conquest and

Our evening has been spent around a camp fire tonight singing and sharing our talents.

We have one more activity in the morning before we travel back home to school. Look out for the last update tomorrow morning and we will let Miss Morrissey know how our journey is going and our expected time of arrival back to school.

14 comments on “School Journey-Day 4

  1. Darren (micheal dad) says:

    Me and mum and chloe Cant wait to see you tomorrow micheal hope u had a great time there xxx

  2. Minerva and Philip says:

    Thank you Miss king and Miss Douglas see you tomorrow Leire I love You.

  3. Happiest birthday ******! I’m sure you had great fun with your class. We’ll make it up to you when you get home. Can’t wait to see you! We love you and miss you so. God bless you all. Good night. Have a safe journey home tomorrow.

  4. These pictures are lovely,seing you all working together as a team!Seyi Faith is missing you dearly but enjoy your last night!X

  5. Eva/dennis says:

    Have a good night sleep everyone and sweet dreams..looking forward to see you Dj and the rest of the team…we love you Dj

  6. Matilda (Holyking's Mum) says:

    Good to see all our children happy again, enjoy the last bit of the journey and we will see you all tomorrow by the grace of God, Thanks to Miss King and Mrs Douglass for taking good care of the Children, good night and God bless you all, Love you my little King.

  7. Denisse and Josh says:

    We miss you so much Alyza, can’t wait to see you tomorrow! We’re so sure that you had an amazing time doing fun activities with your friends. We can’t wait to squeeze you tomorrow 😂

    Lots of love from Ate and Kuya Josh xxx

  8. Janeth Nunez says:

    Happy birthday!!
    Lovely pictures and good memories for all year 6.
    Thank you very much Miss king and Miss Douglas for looking after our children.
    Lots of love from mum, your brother Jomar, your sister Maddy and your nephew and niece.
    Sweet dreams. Xxx

  9. Linda Aisebiogun says:

    See you soon baby girl stephanie and good to you all

  10. Pauline (Dominique’s mum) says:

    Hello everyone, what an amazing week you’ve all have had. Congratulations and well done for doing activities which have pushed you out of your comfort zone and tested your resilience. I can see that your friendships have been strengthened this week and that you all have grown from this incredible shared experience. I’m so proud of you Dominique I’ve seen that you’ve been kind and shared some of your things with friends. Well done sweetie. Love you 😘 looking forward to seeing you later today. God bless 🙏🏽💜👋🏽

  11. Vincent Galos says:

    Goodmorning Ate …See your having great time and your Birthday too..See you anak soon
    .We miss you.Have a safe journey back to school…
    Love Tatay & Nanay..

  12. Miss Grabowski says:

    So glad to see you have all had such a fantastic week! Thank you to Miss King and Mrs Douglas for making it such a great experience for you all. Safe travels today!

  13. It was such an amazing experience thank you for the teachers that came

  14. Fantay Remy says:

    Wow! You guys look like you’re having fun happy belated birthday S & S

    From Fantay

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