School Journey – Day 4

Our last full day of activities has been very busy and we are all tired.

Today the groups did the following:

Group 1 – Climbing, Archery Tag, Trapeze and Archery

Group 2 – Initiative Exercises, Climbing, Gladiator Wall and Laser Maze

Group 3 – Archery, Initiative Exercises, Climbing and Archery Tag


14 comments on “School Journey – Day 4

  1. Hi everybody it looks like your days are coming to an end. God guide you on your way back.

  2. Marifel Bardos says:

    Hi Nathaniel B. Hope you enjoyed doing all the activities today. Sleep well tonight…. We are so proud of you! We love you sooooo much!
    See you tomorrow!
    Mum & Dad

  3. Maricris Tiamzon says:

    Hi Joaquin πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— 😘😘😘
    You look so excited πŸ––
    β€˜Cant wait to hear your stories .
    See you soon πŸ€— We miss you 😭
    Goodnight 😘😘😘 We love you 😘😘😘😘😘😘 Dont forget to pray πŸ™

  4. Well done guys, fantastic team work. Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow.

  5. DJ Paul's brother says:

    Hi looks like you enjoy a lot today..dont forget to pray before you go to bed..we miss you a lot and so excited to see you back tom.and the whole group..good nightπŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—

  6. Maricris Tiamzon says:

    Good morning everyone πŸ€—
    Safe journey on your way home . Dont forget to pray πŸ™
    β€˜ Cant wait to see you Joaquin 😘😘😘 loveyou 😘😘😘

  7. Simdi, Mummy,Daddy& Chizaram says:

    Hi Kamso, we are all missing you so, so much. Can’t wait to hear about everything that you did there. Simdi and Chizaram are VERY excited for your return!
    your family

  8. Marifel Bardos says:

    Good morning Nathaniel B! Its Friday! Today is the day that we get to hug you again! I hope you’ll manage to put all your stuff back, they have a tendency to expand. Lol.
    Have a safe journey back! We’ll be waiting for you!😘😘😘

  9. Lucas’ mum says:

    Good morning everyone. What a fantastic week you had. Hope you all enjoyed every part of it. Now it’s time to go home and I am sure all the parents can’t wait to see you.
    Thank you so much to Mr Welsh, Miss King and Mrs Douglass for looking after our children. Have safe journey home.

  10. Anthony/Teresa says:

    Heaven and earth knows how much I miss you !!! But this experiences means a lot to you that is why ,we need to support you with all our heart. And we can’t wait to see you soon !!! Have a safe journey. We love you so much.

  11. I enjoyed school journey a lot. it was one of the most best experiences ever. My favourite was the laser conquest.
    Thanks to all the teachers (Miss King, Mr Welsh and Miss Douglass) who brought us here and made us have the time of our lives. We really appreciate it.
    Thanks a lot.
    From Kevin.Elezi

  12. For I.E it was boys vs. girls so we had to put our foot on 2 of the logs, then you have to lift your foot up and the rope and when you reach the end you have to high the teachers hand, but luckily the boys won. Well done boys! all the girls tried.
    Great team work! #Kingsquad

  13. samuela sesay says:

    what was your fav day

  14. Climbing πŸ§—β€β™€οΈ was very hard for me because I am scared 😟 of heights.
    Archery Tag is when we had to shoot people with fake arrows .
    Trapeze is a big stool where we had to climb to it and jump without actually falling.
    Archery is where the arrows have to hit the target 🎯.

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