School Journey-Day 3.

A chiller, rainier day today but that hasn’t stopped us doing our best in all of the activities. We have challenged ourselves incredibly. More muddier the better it seems for St George’s. We slept so well that Miss King had to wake us up- we were not her alarm clock today!

Today’s activities:
Group1- Climbing, Fencing, Dance mania, Trapeze.
Group2- Initiative exercises, Sensory trail, Dance Mania, Fencing.

During dance mania, as well as us learning new dances, we even taught the instructors the dance to candy.

We are currently doing our evening activity- run around quiz. (The teachers are hoping this will wear us out even more!)

The children are really pleased you like all the pictures so far and there are so many more photos that we haven’t shared with you but they will share with you when we are back.





17 comments on “School Journey-Day 3.

  1. chloe-louise says:

    I hope that you had a amazing time doing all of the activities
    like and trapeze also have fun doing the last to day of activites

    when you get back to school you can not stop talking about it because the night atives are the best because you get to use a torch

    micheal have the time of your life and get me something at the shop and mum and dad

  2. Claudia Salazar says:

    Hello, looks like everyone is having a good time. Enjoy the trip guys .
    Emily rest well, so you can enjoy the last two days. Love you so
    Much!! ❤️

  3. I am so glad seeing the children happy and having fun on their trip. Well done Miss King and have a good night everyone

  4. Eva/dennis says:

    It looks like everyone had a fantastic time today.A big thank you to Miss King and Ms.Douglas for looking after our children..Dj we miss you❤❤❤look after yourself well and dont touch your eyes with dirty hands..Goodnight and rest well

  5. Woow! All messier and swoschy. Joshua I can see you are in to it loving all the adventure activities continue to challenge yourself you can do it we are proud of you son. Thank you miss king and miss Douglas for making the trip a wonderful first experience for all the children they will never forget. love you all!!!!

  6. Aaliyah Rose says:

    Hi Tita Alyza! I love looking at your pictures, it looks so fun! I hope you have more great times. I love you and take care always!!! Love, Aaliyah

  7. Linda Aisebiogun says:

    Iam so happy to know that the kids had yet another great day. May the good Lord guide and keep all of you safe. Goodnight all.

  8. Miss Webster says:

    Hi Year 6,

    I can see you are taking it to an all new height. Who screamed the loudest?

    Yeah! Mrs D.

    Miss King and Mrs Douglass love the big smiles.

    Who are those faceless children in blue :-D. Fencing is awesome. I hope you enjoyed it.

    Dominique, what are you singing? Love the glasses guys.

    I am really glad you all had another awesome day. I must sign off now as H and A are in their PJs with next to Miss King.

    Night, night All!

  9. Holyking's Mum says:

    Good evening Miss King, Mrs Douglass and all the y6 what an amazing day it seems you have all had a great day today, continue to explore, hey Holyking i am missing you… any way have fun with your mates you always ask me for a sleep over, you are having 4 days sleep over with all your mates so please dont come and ask for any more lol. good night and God bless you all

  10. Darren (micheal dad) says:

    Gd to see micheal having so much fun only 2 more days to come home

  11. Pauline (Dominique’s mum) says:

    Hey everyone, looks like you all had another awesome day. There was a lot more mud than the day before.
    Dominique I wonder how much mud will be coming back home with you ?🤣😆😄. Thanks again Ms King and Mrs Douglas we truly appreciate you both for all that you’re doing for our children! Have another blessed and fun filled day 👋🏽💜🙏🏽

  12. Kirstyn Galos says:

    Hello ***** ,guess what it’s your birthday today.
    Happy 11th Birthday !
    We miss u very much.
    We love you!
    We wish u the best.May you have a long happy healthy life.
    May your dreams come true.
    God bless !

    From: Galos Family💐❤️🌅🌄🌈

  13. Lorenza Maria Gomez says:

    Hello everyone have good time this a beautiful pictures good luck today .I love you OMAR. See you tomorrow 😘😘😘😘😘🐱

  14. Hello Everyone! Lovely to see you all enjoying different activities.

    Missing you so much Vernice. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow.
    Love you lots. Hugs and kisses.

  15. Hi everyone! Nice to see you all having fun. Can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow , enjoy the remaining part of the trip. Love you my princess and see you tomorrow by God’s grace.

  16. Magdalene (adriel's Mum) says:

    Wow it’s great to see you guys having so much fun. I missed you Adriel can’t wait to see you tomorrow. M love to everyone ok

  17. Counting on minutes and seconds to see our lovely children. Naomi I can see you having great time. Though we are missing you that much.

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