School Journey-Day 2.

After an early wake up call for Miss King from some excited children. We have had a full on day packed with activities and are now on to our evening activity of egg protector.

Today’s activities:

Group 1- zip wire, orienteering, archery tag and archery.

Group 2- abseiling, archery, archery tag and climbing.

Everyone is pushing themselves outside of their comfort zones and trying new activities. More importantly eveyone is supporting each other and working as a team.

The children are eating well and enjoying the variety on the food menu. We are wrapping up and getting muddy (some more than others today!)

All of the children say hello and send their love. Internet signal is not very good in some of the buildings therefore we decided to say a big hello from all of us. Miss king is reading all of your messages at reading time.

Hopefully we’ll all sleep a little longer tonight ready for new challenges tomorrow.


27 comments on “School Journey-Day 2.

  1. Chloe-louise says:

    I hope that micheal had a great second day at JCA hope you enjoyed playing in the mud

  2. Darren (micheal dad) says:

    Micheal you ur doing ur own washing when you get bk lol it gd to see you are having fun miss you mum and sister missing you to xxx

  3. Lorenza Maria Gomez says:

    Hello beautiful group,I am glad that you are enjoying the most beautiful Omar i hope you continue having a great time God bless you i love you.thanks

  4. Janeth Nunez says:

    I can see you all are having a fantastic experience and fun at the same time!
    I know Avril you are extremely enjoying all the activities. I wish I could see some pictures with mad all over you. I love you baby , sweet dreams.
    Have a good night all of you. Xxx

  5. Kirstyn Galos says:

    Hello everyone ! Having fun in your muddy suits ? Good luck for the following days. Hope you are improving with your archery. Good luck Ate Sophia!!!!

  6. Kirstyn Galos says:

    Have you tried the abseiling Ate Pia we haven ‘t seen your picture in archery and abseiling ?Did you hit the bullseye in archery ? Looking forward to your third day . Have fun and be safe . God bless. We miss you. GOOD NIGHT!

  7. arthur abadies says:

    Hi every one I’m so happy to see all your pictures and adventures out there.Gia mom n dad are so proud of you just enjoy and be safe and thank you so much to all adult who look after our children.Goodnight and God bless.

  8. Linda Aisebiogun says:

    Good to know you all are fine. Please stephanie take more pictures. Goodnight all and God bless.

  9. Holyking's Mum says:

    Hi all, great to see you are all having a great time with such an experience, waiting to see more stuff tomorrow. Holyking we all miss you hope you are having a good time with your mates. Stay blessed and have a great night.

  10. Miss Webster says:

    Wow Year 6! What am awesome time you are having. Some great and funny pictures – the muddy children and Avril looking as if she is talking to the archery target (LOL).

    Keep smiling and enjoying.

    Question… Mrs D why aren’t you in the pictures. Don’t be shy. Next lot of pictures – give us a wave. 😀

    Take care.

  11. Good morning all! Another exciting day awaits you. We are looking forward for your Day 3 pictures. A big thank you to Miss King and Mrs Douglas for looking after the children.

    We love you Vernice. Hugs and kisses.

  12. Good morning ,joshua .I can see you and your friends enjoying yourselves, we love you son and we are proud of you.

  13. Thank you!, Missking. we are extremely grateful and we appreciate your selfless act in helping the children reaching their potentials under your tutelage.

  14. We are really happy with you Leire and with your friends. Those photos look great, you looked great on disco night oh yeah! and very funny in the mud! Continue enjoying!
    _Aunty and uncle_

  15. Good morning everyone..i hope you all had a good night sleep ready for the next adventure..Enjoy the rest of the day..Dj mom and dad miss you so much already…Stay safe and have fun❤❤❤

  16. Magdalene (adriel's Mum) says:

    Hi, Adriel I missed so much and I hope you having a lot of fun. I’m now in London and hope to see you soon. Thank you, Ms King and Ms. Douglas, for all the hard work. Taking care of our children is not an easy job. So on behalf of all the parents, we say thank you. Lot of love and kisses.

    Adriel please eat well and try the food they have ok. don’t just look at how they look but try tasting it I believe you will like it.

    Love you Babe ane missed you.

  17. Thanks so much for these updates. It’s been great seeing our children smiling and participating in all the activities.

    Dominique I love you so much …,. 🥰

  18. Sandra Ormaza says:

    Gracias por todas las fotos que nos muestran por este medio le veo a sheilanne muy contenta espero sigra disfrutando de su paseo te esperamos pronto regreso mija te extrañamos en casa ronny esta contando los días para tu regreso te mando muchos besitos

  19. Sandra Ormaza says:

    Thank you for all the photos that show us by this means I see sheilanne very happy I hope she continues enjoying her walk we wait for you soon return mija we miss you at home ronny is counting the days for your return I send you many kisses

  20. St. Francis Class says:

    To Year 6,

    We hope that you are all having a good time. We have just looked at the photos of School Journey and it looks like you are having an amazing time. We look forward to seeing you when you are back.

    St. Francis’ Class

  21. You guys are having a very fun time hope all of you are enjoying it!lol I went on my school journey 1 week ago 🙂

  22. Aaliyah Rose says:

    It looks like you are having a good time with you friends, Tita Alyza! Take care of yourself. I love you and I miss you! See you soon!

  23. Hi, Rachael i can see that you are having so much fun!! including everyone. I missed you, the house is quiet no one to call to bring me water she laugh.
    Thank you miss kings and miss Douglas for this pictures.

  24. I can see all the children having fun,I miss you Manuela have a good night. love from Mummy and Caleb

  25. Stella O Akinyele says:

    Hi, Rachael i can you are having fun 👍🏼👏⛷🤾‍♀️ including everyone.
    I missed you no-one to disturb me she smile😜
    See you soon love😘🥰.
    Love you💗.

  26. Hi everyone! Thank you very much for the fun-filled photos! We enjoyed looking at it. Hope everyone is well and still has the strength to carry on for the last 2 days. ******s 11th birthday is here very soon. Want you to know that we are all thinking of you always. We love you and missing you so much. Enjoy your day ***** God bless you always.

  27. Hi everyone, nice to see you having fun,kudos to you all. Sarah hope you’re having a great time? Lots of love from the family 😘😘❤❤❤. Looking forward to see you soon my princess.
    Miss king and mrs Douglas thanks so much, we love you
    and Love ❤ to all of st Martin’s.

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