Ragged School.

St Martins visited the Ragged School Museum today. We experienced what it was like to be a child in a Victorian school and it was scary. We have decided we much prefer the rules at school now.

We wrote the alphabet on slate (which some of us found very difficult), we did some maths using Victorian money and had to recite different sayings. The teacher was very strict and we remember to sit up very straight on our benches.

What did you learn about Victorian schools? What did you find interesting about the afternoon? Would you like Miss Perkins too visit St George’s?

5 comments on “Ragged School.

  1. Miss Perkin was very strict and when I was writing with my left arm she told me to write with my right arm it was really hard. some of us tried not to laugh but it was to hard but were finally back in 2018 that must have been a dream or something.

  2. This trip helped our class to understand properly about the Victorian class and how children were tought.

  3. It was so scary. I am pretty happy that I am in 2018 and that not my family isn’t poor and that I have shoes 👞.

  4. This trip has really taught me a lot about how children were really mis treated in the victorian period.We are very lucky in 2018 and I would hate if miss Perkins was to swap places with Miss King.

  5. It looks like a interesting experience on how a Ragged School student felt like.

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