Name a Chick Results

The winners are:

Chick 1 – Amber picked by Ethan in yr 1

Chick 2 – Mr. Welsh picked by Ms. Babb

Chick 3 – Melissa picked by Kirstyn in yr 2/3

Chick 4 – Choo Choo picked by Joseph in yr 1

Chick 5 – Anna-maria picked by DC in yr 6

Chick 6 – AJ picked by Jesse in yr 4

Chick 7 – Janelle Cutie-Princess picked by Janelle in yr 3

Chick 8 – Charlie picked by Alyza in yr 4

4 comments on “Name a Chick Results

  1. I would have named my chick Laura but I didn’t get picked. Anyway I loved the name Mr Welsh because its a very smart name. Congrats Mr Welsh!

    Who was your favourite chicks name?

  2. Marcus Soanes says:

    Congratulations to everyone – and happy name day to the chicks!

  3. Nicolas Abella says:

    Chick 7 was really funny!

  4. Marcos steve says:

    Congratulations to everyone who had their chick name read out

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