Maya workshop.

As part of our history work on the Maya civilization, Year 6 had a Maya workshop in class today. We looked at real Mayan artefacts, tried on clothes that the Maya wore, looked at Mayan Gods and the money ad food used in Mayan times.

Vanessa running the workshop is an archaeologist who had been to see ruins and artefacts from the Maya civilization. She had excavated a real Mayan house of which we saw a replica. 

What did you enjoy finding out about the most?

4 comments on “Maya workshop.

  1. It was so fun especially when we tried the clothes, I thought it was so cool because some of the stuff that Vanessa brought was like 2000 years old. Did you know that the Mayans created football?

  2. What I enjoyed most about the workshop is all the clothing of the Maya people and how different cities have different designs. Also what was interesting is how they relied upon the king for one most important thing which is when the king you were expected to give money to the gods. They would prick themselves and put it in the soil for one of the gods.

  3. What I enjoyed most about the worshop was the different clothes they had in different cities,also we got to play a game which was fun , it made us feel like one of the people back in those days

  4. Steveeeeee says:

    I enjoyed so much learning about the Maya workshop

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