LSBU Science workshop.

Today we took part in a science workshop run by the LSBU. We did an experiment called paper chromatography. We filled beakers with water and cut strips of paper, we then using felt tips drew on our paper and watched the colours spread and change.

We wrote up what we did using diagrams to show the colour changes.

We really enjoyed being scientists for the morning.

What did you learn from today’s experiment?

6 comments on “LSBU Science workshop.

  1. London south bank university came to our school and did a experiment with us. We filled the beaker with water and cut out the strip of the paper and we used felt tips. It was so cool when we saw the them change into different colours.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    The experiment was exciting and fun. What I learnt is that if you

  3. Elizabeth says:

    draw a circle and let it in the water it will dissolve into a different colour because its not a primary colour.

  4. I learnt that there are many colours that make up one colour and I also learnt that cells in many animals are bad. This means that biologists are treating cells to see if they will not be of harm when they are treated.

  5. I liked the experiment, because we got to see what happens when you put water and paper together. Having colours on it the water is going to soak it and it will turn into different colours like(black, orange, blue and green).

  6. I learnt that water can effect many things in different ways by how we use it. This experiment helped us explore the wonders of the effect of water

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