Keeping Safe and Stranger Danger

Today in our SEAL lesson we learned about keeping safe.  the police visited out classroom to talk to us about how we can keep safe and the precautions we can take.  It was all abut being aware of our personal safety.


Did you know you can register your mobile phone?


We also learned that there is a non-emergency number (101).

Why is it safer to sit downstairs on the bus?

You can inform the driver or call for help and the driver will take notice.

We were told that it was important that parents/carers help their child to learn their address and know their local area.

We wanted to know what to do if we have not got our mobile phone with us.  We were advised to find a responsible adult, or go into a restaurant or RUN.

We were also concerned about when we go to Secondary school.

How safe will I be when I am at Secondary school?

They told us that police patrols can be found at most schools and at bus stops (near the school).


What if a friend or another child needs our help, what should we do?

You can help by calling 101.


The children in Year 6 would like to thank the officers for visiting and talking to them.


“We learned a lot.”img_01661