International exhibition

To launch international week- children and parents shared some interesting facts, international dress and costumes.

Zarin shared information and facts on Bangladesh.

Julianna and Andrea showed us artefacts, costumes and shared lots of information on the Phillipinnes.

Avril and her mum shared some beautiful costumes and information on Bolivia.

Leire and Jhin’s mum shared information on Peru.

Can you share an important fact you have learnt?

5 comments on “International exhibition

  1. I learned a lot of facts about Phillipenes and there traditions . I learnt that some bracelets are made from shells ; that the red on the flag is war and the blue is peace .

  2. Today was great!! I learnt many interesting facts about all different countries!! Bolivia, Peru, Philippines and lots of other countries! did u know that Bolivia eats guinea pigs??

  3. julianna says:

    In the Philippines the red represents war and blue is peace with the stars representing luzon, visayas and Mindanao.

  4. Phoenix-James says:

    At the lectures about the countries in the world I learnt a lot about Colombian cuture

  5. Today was a great day because we learned different country cultures and we learned about Bangladesh, Colombia and the Philippines 🙂

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