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We have recently purchased new books for our library which has been relocated to a new part of the school.

I would like to know what is your favourite book? What is it that you like about this book?

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  1. My favourite book is superhero school curse of the evil???custard it’s because it makes people deadly blob monsters☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

  2. Ganster Granny because it’s funny ? and I like it.

  3. My favourite book is gansta granny…………
    Because it is full of adventure?

  4. My favourite books are the Harry Potter Series. It is a book series filled with wizardry , magic and mystery.

  5. St Benedict says:

    Our class book for this term is The BFG. We have so far found this very interesting with lots of funny words.

  6. My favourite book ? is diary of a wimpy kid dobble down comes out in 1/11/16

  7. In English we are learning about the ?of ?Kong ??

  8. My favourite book is The Black Dog because the little girl in the story sings a funny song to the big black dog.

  9. My favourite book is the BFG because at our class(st Martín) we are reading about it.

  10. My favourite book is the boy in the dress by roald dahl because its really funny.

  11. My favourite book is all the Jacqueline Wilson and the Roald Dahl books also the Shakespeare one

  12. My favourite is varmints because it was like a scary story.

  13. I love diary of a wimpykid because is fun to read it.

  14. My favourite book is Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl, because it’s awesome and they eat mice and the farmers try to kill the foxes.

  15. My favourite lesson is Art!!

  16. My favourite book has to be the diary of a wimpy kid series I like it because I can relate to the characters a lot and a lot of the characters are relatable unlike something like Harry Potter were most of the characters know magic

  17. My favorite books are: the quest for the diamond sword, trolls (book of the film), the Harry Potter series, the maze runner series, Minecraft handbook series, Minecraft fortress, tf2 series (comics)!??????????????

  18. I like the Minecraft book because I am so excited

  19. I favourite is Minecraft because I read construction books and red stone and the beginners book and the combat book because I have got 4 books to read at home

  20. My favorite book is The witches from Raold Dahl because it is really interesting and it gives you many facts from witches which is really good to know.

  21. My favourite book is from dork diaries and the book is called puppy love????❤️❤️❤️I like it because it full of adventure and mystery

  22. My favorite book is Fantastic Mr Fox (by Raold Dahl ) . This is because it taught me a lesson and it is interesting for me to read!

  23. My favourite book is diary of a wimpy kid…..
    …because it’s full of adventures and very interesting to read

  24. My favorite book is Diary of the Wimpy Kid School Survival skills because it is really interesting and it tells you how to survive school disasters that’s why it’s one of my favorite books.

  25. My favorite book is Jaquline Wilson Girls Out Late and Lola Rose.

  26. My favorite book is Matilda because theres a little girl who loves to read and is very inteligent.But she has some horrible parents

  27. My favourite book is no one left to tell because it teaches me many rules and how it fells if you asked for help and they didn’t listen.

  28. My favourite book is Jaquline Wilson books,Sarah mlynowski books and ever after high books.??

  29. My favorite book is the Diary of A Wimpy Kid series because it is interesting and it was great to experience the characters’ sense of humour.

  30. My favorite book is the fairy doll

  31. Diary of a wimpy kid dog days

  32. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Glass Elevator Roald Dahl CHOCOOOOOOOLLLLLLAAAAATTTTTTEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  33. I like dork diaries that is the best thing to read and understand. And I like some kind of books that are healthy for me and you I have a new book and I thought that if you are in year one and two or over you might now this book.?????

  34. I honestly don’t think I have a favourite book. I am a licensed bookworm. But I mainly adore Jacqueline Wilson, Shannon Hale and dramatic books like There’s a boy in the girls bathroom !

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