19 comments on “E-Safety assembly

  1. I think the assembly today was good because it will help people all over the world to be safe on the internet.

  2. I think the assembly was a good example on what to do online situations everywhere.

  3. I think this teaches us that we should always be careful even if you do know the person because somebody else might have their phone.

  4. it teach you about being safe online

  5. I think the assembly was good and taught us what to do in the case of
    Cyber Bullying

  6. This assembly was interesting and it helped year 4-year6 so whenever there playing online games they never give our or our parent , anyone personal information.

  7. You should stay safe online by not talking to anyone you don’t know or accepting their friend requests. Don’t share your personal information to anyone. Keep your password strong and don’t share it.
    These are the ways you should stay safe online.

  8. Nicolas Abella says:

    Never ever give, tell or share personal information to anyone, except your Mum or Das

  9. Marcus Soanes says:

    Great to see that this aspect of safe guarding has been addressed with the children. I know – as a parent – that their generation are enthusiastic and expert users of IT!

  10. I think this teaches us that not all people online are who you think they are. There are many people who do not want others to have a good time online. That is why you should keep your personal information private.

  11. Nicolas Abella says:

    It was a very interesting assembly and now I know how to protect myself online.👏

  12. The e-safety assembly taught us how to stay safe online. We also learnt what the word SMART means when you are talking about e-safety. S stands for safe,don’t give out your personal information, M stands for meet, never meet anyone you have talked to online, A stands for accept , never accept chat requests from someone you don’t know , R stands for reliable, check the website before accepting things is the website or person telling the truth and last but not least T stands for tell, tell an adult you trust if something is bothering you online. Don’t forget to watch the video on top of the pictures.

  13. Marcos Steve says:

    It was very informative about how to stay safe online

  14. We can stay safe on online by following the smart code and sound everything else like stuff in school and being a role models to youngers in my case the whole school from year 5 : early years this rule should be followed by others not just year 6s

  15. Thank you miss Webster for showing us this because if you didn’t show this to us we wouldn’t know more than we know about e-safety

  16. I think that this assembly was good cause it can help all of the people that don’t know what to do or stay safe online

  17. This helped me to be safe online. Whenever I get friend request from people I don’t know I always ignore them. I now know the word SMART.

  18. Steveeeeeeee says:

    Try and be ‘SMART’

  19. SMART

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