Day 4- Condover Hall

We have had such a busy day, each group have completed many activities in the sunshine and then in the rain. One group had a very funny, muddy body zorbing session, we did climbing, Gladiator wall, survival.

One group did some initiative exercises where we worked on our communication skills and teamwork. All of the groups played conquest.

Tonight we did some more tunnelling, went through a laser maze and grid of stones.

We are looking forward to our final activity tomorrow.


10 comments on “Day 4- Condover Hall

  1. Marvellous pictures! Have a safe journey tomorrow.

  2. Nice photo.
    Have a safe trip .
    God bless

  3. Thank you Year 6 for a great week away. I was very proud of you all. These are just some of the pictures we have to show what a great time you had. We will get the other pictures together as soon as possible on cd for you. Well done for representing St Georges so well. Rest up this weekend.

  4. Mrs Douglass says:

    Totally agree with Miss King… you all showed fantastic manners and looked after one another well. You should all be very proud of all you achieved and have fantastic memories, I know I have!!

    See you all Monday

  5. Cool picts awesome

  6. I ❤Condover hall
    Thank you Miss king and Mr Welsh
    and Miss Douglas’s miss Webster ?❤???????

  7. Your the best teacher in the whole wide world?????❤

  8. condover hall was so fun ,thank all the teachers that took us to condover hall and i ?condover hall

  9. Hope you had fun

  10. Alyza varilla says:

    you guys are so cool and amazing

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