Day 3- part 2- Disco ready

It’s time! Preparations for disco are complete!!! More photos to follow from the disco later this evening.

11 comments on “Day 3- part 2- Disco ready

  1. Aynrand’s Mom says:

    Hi Aynrand💕💕
    Hope u had Fun on your Disco Nights!
    Don’t forget to keep safe and eat loads.
    We missed U so muchhh
    Mom and Dad

  2. Lucas’ mum says:

    Looking nice,dance the night away 😄

  3. Marifel Bardos says:

    Woww! You all look fab and ready to dance the night away! Enjoy everyone!

  4. Maricris Tiamzon says:

    Wow 👍👍 Joaquin. You look so cool 😎
    Glad to see you’re back 😍 I miss that sparkle in your eyes.
    Give them the floss Joaquin 🤗
    Have fun 😘😘😘
    Enjoy everyone !

  5. Marifel Bardos says:

    Nathaniel B, you look awesome! I bet you’re gonna do the Fortnite dance moves. Enjoy disco night with your friends. Don’t drink too much! 😂 😂😂Love you!

  6. Yvone salavarria says:

    Miguel baila mijo disfruta en la discoteca ,,guapos todos y los profesores muy guapos ,,saludos a todos

  7. What and incredible day for yr 6 disco time

  8. Hope you guys enjoyed the disco. It was like a school journey was yesterday I miss you guys and hope to see you.

  9. each one of us looked amazing for the disco and we had some unique dance moves on the floor!!!

  10. Marcos steve says:

    So fun.

  11. We all looked wonderful and we really got the moves.

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