Day 3- part 2- Disco ready

It’s time! Preparations for disco are complete!!! More photos to follow from the disco later this evening.

8 comments on “Day 3- part 2- Disco ready

  1. Aynrand’s Mom says:

    Hi Aynrand💕💕
    Hope u had Fun on your Disco Nights!
    Don’t forget to keep safe and eat loads.
    We missed U so muchhh
    Mom and Dad

  2. Lucas’ mum says:

    Looking nice,dance the night away 😄

  3. Marifel Bardos says:

    Woww! You all look fab and ready to dance the night away! Enjoy everyone!

  4. Maricris Tiamzon says:

    Wow 👍👍 Joaquin. You look so cool 😎
    Glad to see you’re back 😍 I miss that sparkle in your eyes.
    Give them the floss Joaquin 🤗
    Have fun 😘😘😘
    Enjoy everyone !

  5. Marifel Bardos says:

    Nathaniel B, you look awesome! I bet you’re gonna do the Fortnite dance moves. Enjoy disco night with your friends. Don’t drink too much! 😂 😂😂Love you!

  6. Yvone salavarria says:

    Miguel baila mijo disfruta en la discoteca ,,guapos todos y los profesores muy guapos ,,saludos a todos

  7. What and incredible day for yr 6 disco time

  8. Hope you guys enjoyed the disco. It was like a school journey was yesterday I miss you guys and hope to see you.

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