Count Down to School Journey

We are now just 5 days away from our School Journey. What are you most looking forward to?

4 comments on “Count Down to School Journey

  1. I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO EVERYTHING. I am just so excited being with my friends for a long period of time because I can use this memory when I’m in secondary and I have no friends. I will just think of my friends that I will go with in school journey. -Julianna ❤️

  2. I am looking foward to is seeing other schools

  3. Andrea Miles Stallion-Orbista (Blessed Oscar Romero) says:

    School Journey is tomorrow and I am so excited. The activity that I am looking forward the most to is ‘abseiling’, however I am looking forward to the ‘other activities’ as well…

  4. Hi years 6 good morning how was your night? hope you all have a good one, remember to follow instructions from your teachers and do wrap yourselves.

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