Best thing about St. George’s!

At the weekend I was thinking about all the things I love about St. George’s and it made me wonder what you think are the best things about our school?

What do you like best about St. George’s?

What makes our school special?

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  1. Rupert, Tyler's Dad says:

    I think St George’s is a very friendly school, where children and adults respect each other. We all come from such different backgrounds but we work together as a team.

  2. I think St. George’s is a very special school because others respect each other at share the same love for each other too.

  3. I like doing lots of work with science

  4. I think the best thing about St. George’s is that the teachers are kind and understanding. I also ❤️ my friends. We come from different diversities and cultures which makes us all UNIQUE!!??
    I have made many life long friends here!

  5. I think the best thing about st gorges is playtime because it’s when people are able to be nice to each other and talk about important things. They also get a chance to have a stronger bond with each other.

  6. I think the best thing thing about St. George’s is when we all get along with each other and we don’t fight another good think is that we always have sportsmanship with each other and we always put all our effort in stuff.

  7. There are multiple things I like, one of my favourite things about the school is the teachers because they are really nice and they help you when you need help. I also adore the school lunches there are a wonderful variety of things you can choose. The last thing I love about the school is sports, PE is really fun and I also enjoy when sometimes I get chosen to go to sports competitions.

  8. The best thing about St. George’s is that there is so many nice teachers and here is where I met my best friend.This school let’s us focus with our education and i have great friends.?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. The best thing about st George’s is that we are always happy and if there is a big fight then in seconds or minutes, the problem is solved!

    I like our school to be HAPPY!

  10. I like doing lots of work in maths with fractions with my teachers.
    I done lots of work in maths with one half and I done one fourths
    I do like maths because I do subtraction addition and division

  11. I love St. George’s because we all come from different countries and we are all part of one big family and we help people and people help us

  12. I like how the teachers are working hard for us and coming up with plans for the next time and try to teach us with the best of there ability and I know that this school is not perfect but the effort all the teachers put in the school really is the best part of this school

  13. I like Miss king because she helps me. All the teachers are kind and I make new friends.

  14. I think this is a very nice and kind school because you can read books? And you can makes lots of friends ?? and you can go on lots of trips?? and on different days you can go on iPads ?And in this school there is lots of nice teachers that teaches you every day except on Saturdays and Sundays so I think this school is very ? ?And if people whant to come to this school it will be a very nice school for your kid at home?‍?‍?

  15. I like the international week because we do lots of activities and we have a parade and a big celebration ? and we eat food and we play games to win prizes and we dance ? to different kinds of music

  16. St. George’s is the best school. We are all committed to this school it is the best because of the trips we go on the music lessons we have kind teachers in the school to help us we also have lots of equipments???.

  17. I have lots to say about this school. It’s the best thing that ever happened to me, when I say this I think about my past which is not a very good one. I came to this school in Year 1, I came here to change and I have took a VERY BIG step from where I was to where I am. This school is my family, people come and go but this school is always to be in my heart ❤️. I LOVE this school and my family is proud of my changes and it’s all because of this school. I’ve been on so many trips like when I went to Henry the 8th’s Hampton Court(it was so fun)! Also, in my class we are working on our SATs and I think I’m going to do good! They took me in as not a student but as one of their own children. THANK YOU, ST GEORGE’S!!!!

  18. I like all my friends because they help me

  19. St George’s is the best place ever because when you are a really good person your teacher will always do something nice for you like Mr Miah and we have the very best headteacher called Mrs Higgs and Mr Welsh, Miss Griffin, Miss Brannigan and Miss King.

  20. The best thing about St. George is that they are like a family and take me to exciting trips and they respect me and I do the same thing too and I have friends from the first day.❤️

  21. What I like about the school, I like that people can share ideas with each other and that we have fun school trips. Also I like the wok that we have and I like when we have theme weeks.

  22. I love St. George’s because we can get through anything.

  23. I like St. Georges because it is a fun and supportive school.

  24. The teachers are really nice to the children and every one??

  25. The best thing about st. Georges is that they are very friendly

  26. I love St. George’s because they make us achieve our potential to things. Such as Maths, Literacy, science, French, Seal, and lots more e.t.c

  27. I like st George’s because we are all kind to each other and the teachers help us with stuff we need help with.I also like this school because even though we come from different countries we still respect each other.

  28. I love about the school because you can learn stuff that you don’t know and get good grades and get really good education.?❤️The teacher get you focused on your work to get all things you need to get through in your life when you start secondary school and university ???????.

  29. Because if we are sad the teachers are there for us when we need help

  30. the teachers are really kind to the they also children and they respect children and care for the children so much

  31. I love my school and I work very hard for a price of the year before that we did not know what to do with out are teaching me how to do something with my life and you know how to do much with my brain

  32. But the most important thing to do is that we worship god all in the same way because we are in a school of faith.^_^

  33. The best thing about St George’s is that I have made good friends, nice teachers to support me when i need help and i also got my favourite teacher Miss King in my final year in the school. I am very happy to be a part of this school.

  34. Our school is the best because everyone is a fantastic person that the school can ever have

  35. Samuela Year 2 St bernerdette 🍜🍟🍔🍱 says:

    Are school is the best because you learn about special things every time. My favourite thing to learn about is science because you learn about lots of animals.🐷🐸🐮

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