Art Exploration

The inspiration for the following pieces of artwork was taken from: An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump is a 1768.

Below the artists will explain why they created their art piece.

                                                                                      A Rainbow Barrage

We created this piece of art work to represent the emotions of light and we named it: A Rainbow Barrage.  The reason why we named it this is because our artwork looks like a rainbow intergalactic explosion which can be considered a ‘barrage’.  This represents emotions of light because it shows the extremely satisfying separation of the colour black.

We are very proud of our piece of work!

                                                                                       Shifts of Brightness

We created this dark to light art project to show different emotions of light.  We also created this to see what it would look like when dark turns to light.  We named it ‘Shifts of Brightness because it shows the dark ness gradually turning to light.


If you look closely you can see the shifts in brightness.


Not only were we inspired by the painting- ‘An experiment on a bird in the air pump’ but we were also inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’, hence why we have included some of his features in our art piece.  Each colour represents a feeling and the ones closest to the source of light are the most positive feelings.  We used bright colours so that the emotions could stand out.

                                                                                        Happy Times

Why we created this piece of art work:  We wanted to create a piece of artwork that showed the different light sources in the world.

We created this piece to represent the happy times in life.  The light in our pictures are really special as we go through life.

                                                                                          Dark to Light

Our artwork is showing the contrast of light and how it changes throughout the painting.  We discussed how each subtle change in light represented different emotions being shown in it.  The painting represents for us different emotions in the contrast of the light changing from light to dark or from dark to light, depending on the emotion the viewer is currently experiencing.


                                                                                      Emotions of Light

We created this piece of art work to show the different emotions in the picture.

                                                                                       Shifts of Brightness

This art work is a feelings and different emotions in the weather.  As you can see the storm represents anger, the candles – the Holy Spirit, the sun – feeling good and the explosion – deep thoughts.