At St. George’s Cathedral Catholic Primary school we aim to teach children to love English, to read and write to a high standard and for pleasure.

We also teach them to speak to a range of different audiences and to listen well and with skill.


We aim to encourage children to feel passionate about reading and writing, and to inspire personal interest and curiosity about a range of literacy activities as well as working towards all children achieving National Standards in English.

The curriculum includes reading, writing, spelling, handwriting, grammar, speaking and listening and drama. Each unit of work taught lasts from 2 to 4 weeks and helps the children to develop specific skills.

Throughout their time at St. George’s Cathedral, children will cover a large range of fiction genres as well as reading and writing different non-fiction text types.

As a school we use Oxford Reading Tree as our reading scheme. In teaching phonics throughout the school we use Letters and Sounds.

In order to support writing across the curriculum, children visit museums and other places of interest for history and geography, they watch plays by visiting theatre groups, work with authors and participate in writing and drama workshops. All of these experiences are used to help inspire and extend writing.