Catholic Life

Prayer and Worship

St George's CathedralPrayer and worship are at the heart of our school. The children have many opportunities for worship including daily class worship, independent, child led worship which is planned and organised by pupils.

The school day begins and ends with morning and evening prayers. This is held in the classrooms with all classed based staff and pupils involved. It is a beautiful way of coming together at the start and end of the day. Staff and pupils lead this and often ask for special prayers to be said or people remembered. All children understand that they can ask for a personal intention and can compile and share their own prayers. Grace before meals is said in every class before lunch play.

Prayer life is an integral part of the school with displays, statues, other religious symbols and focus areas both inside and outside the school building. Pupils are reflective during prayer and value opportunities to be still and quiet. They are active and enthusiastic in the preparation and reading of their own prayers.

During Lent children are led in contemplation of the Stations of the Cross by a member of the parish community.

Different members of the school community plan and lead the assemblies: The senior leadership team, teachers, or classes. Visitors are warmly welcomed such as clergy, parents and representatives of the various charities the school supports. The children are joyful and enthusiastic about leading class assemblies.


Catholic Ethos 4The celebration of the Eucharist on Feast Days, at the start and end of the school year and during the key seasons of the Liturgical year such as Advent and Lent take place in the school hall or in St. George’s Cathedral. We also have services of Reconciliation. Parents and friends of the school are warmly welcomed to join with our community, at the Cathedral, on these very special occasions.

The Common Good

The whole school community has a clear understanding of their call to service through the example and teachings of Jesus Christ Our Lord. Older children have links with children in younger classes where the emphasis is on helping, caring and sharing. The Pupil Leadership Team serve the whole school community, representing their needs and views about all aspects of school life to support the common good and develop their leadership skills. We support a wide variety of global, diocesan and Catholic charities. The curriculum is well planned for children to explore famous ‘Peace Makers’ and courageous leaders including work during Black History month.

Catholic Ethos 2Pupils demonstrate respect for each other’s cultural background by regularly celebrating our many cultures through themed events such as language of the half-term and culturally based assemblies.

Community Cohesion

Community cohesion is a core value and ethics and cultural diversity have always been a rich feature of St. George’s Cathedral Catholic Primary School. Other religions are taught at the school and diversity is celebrated through cultural assemblies.

We challenge children to see God’s presence in our neighbours, especially those who are suffering or struggling. We actively engage in a range of activities to support those in need by supporting different charities. Pupils have a sound understanding of how our fundraising activities help us answer the call to serve and this is developed through assemblies and lessons. We teach children to be true to themselves and appreciate that everyone is different and beautiful in the eyes of God.

Religious Education

Catholic Ethos 1We follow the RE scheme ‘Come and See’ and teachers endeavour to ensure that the Gospel values and the principles of the integrated into all aspects of the curriculum especially English, history, geography, science and PSHE and Citizenship.


Partnership is key and a vital part of the school’s understanding of our mission and purpose both within the school and the wider community.

Parents are genuinely and warmly welcomed to join with us and participate in ceremonies, activities and wider projects at various times throughout the year. We constantly seek ways to foster and strengthen parental participation and partnerships.

We send the parish newsletter home to every family encouraging non-practising families to re-engage with church.

Our vocation is to assist the children on their journey in faith and along the path to true discipleship.

We aim to develop children to have open minds and hearts who are inclusive and discerning in their friendships and who have a deep love and faith in Jesus Christ Our Lord.