R.E The Big Question

Next week, we will begin our new R.E. topic ‘New Life’.

This topic is all about understanding the Easter message and how we can apply this to our lives moving forward.

The big question is:

What’s so important about new life?

4 comments on “R.E The Big Question

  1. marcos steve says:

    So you can live and have a nice life with your friends and family and have something to eat.

  2. Samuela Year 2 St bernerdette 🍜🍟🍔🍱 says:

    Because this life might be a better life

  3. Jessica Olulode says:

    New life is important because you can have a better life than you had before and be free from sin.
    Having new life means you can start all over if you have done something wrong and turn it into a right.

  4. The importance of new life is that we get a second change with any sin we have committed. I would refer this to initiation(what i’m learning currently) as baptism frees the baby from original sin, the eucharist,or the body and blood, reminds us when Jesus died on the cross to save our sins and confirmation is quite straight forward when you say your sins to the priest and you will be free to start again.

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