Aspiring Author

The following story was written by a Year 5 boy, who was inspired by a similar story.




One beautiful Saturday morning, it was snowing and K.C was playing in the backyard.  After awhile, she wanted to go to the corner shop down the road.  As she approached the corner shop , she saw something amazing…

When she entered the shop, she saw a doll that looked just like herself.  She wanted the doll so badly but she only had 5 pence on her.  When she looked down a sign read, ‘Every doll in this shop is free!’  When she finished reading the sign, she jumped in delight!

“She looks so much like me!” She said spinning around in circles.

As she went to grab the doll, with a whoosh, the doll teleported to a higher shelf.  K.C. was shocked.

“How am I supposed to get up there?”

Since K.C. was a good thinker, she knew what to do.

“Oh, I have an idea!  I could step on the table as that would give me a big chance of getting up there.”

And so, as she touched the doll she started to feel a bit weird.  Her body was smaller than before…

She had turned into a doll.


What do you like about the story?


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  1. I like this story due to the use of words in the story

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